Cliteater : Eat Clit or Die

Grind Death / Pays-Bas
(2005 - Dismemberment Records / Restrain Records)
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Posing with your genitals
For everybody to see
Fuckin' freak
You disgust me

This charitable institution called
Me, myself and I
Will get rid of your fuck tool
For free

You will walk through life as an eunuch
You'll have to sustain your loss
You'll have to sustain your loss

Fuck face suffer
Fuck face scream
Fuck face, taste the bile
Fuck face, suffer
Fuck face scream
Fuck face make me smile

Fasten brasswire tight around your genitals
The look on your face, worth a million dollars
Countdown to dickextinction begins

What once was your pride is no more
What once was your pride is no more


Inumerable offers presented by the web
Made two twisted minds choose to take
Their final step
Two psychos, plotting and planning
To shock the world beyond belief

To be, cooked and boiled
To be, cut and chopped
To be, hacked and slain
To be eaten in sane

Free cannibalism in this free world
It's my body, it's my right

[Repeat chorus x2]

I want to be eaten Eat all my limbs
But don't let me die before
I want to see you consumming me

Grant me my final sick twisted orgasm
I want to scream and bleed
Let me accompany you with eating my phallus
My own dick in my mouth would be a great
Last taste, before I reach my eternal chasm

[Repeat chorus X2]

I want to bleed, and be, CONSUMED


Sweet tribute, to the 60's
Free love, free porn was all around
Fuckin' hippie shit used as an excuse
For sexual indulgences

Huge Woodstock porn fest
Screwing in the sun
The answer my friend is giving me
A blowjob while I break
Like the wind

Backstage orgies took place
There was no such thnig as shame
Jimmy going down on Janis
While the Mamas and the Papas
Were watching

Joe Cock her getting a hard on
Seeing Simon and Garfunkel fucking
The byrds in the ass

Back then it was only
It was only

Cock and Love
Cock and Love
Cock and Love
Cock and Love
Back then it was only
It was only

[Repeat chorus X2]


Meet my beating
Meet my beating

Prejudiced bastards ought to know
They are walking on shallow ground
Meet my beating
Meet my beating

Indigestible rage
Relentless senseless beating
Handicap you for life
Smashing and bashing your skull, bones and genitals
On and on and on and on and on

Suspend animation
I won't fall for that
Keep on punching out the ignorance
Bleed for me twat

Humans oh so fragile
Not worth the air they breathe
Gradually losing conscience
Meet my beating
Meet my beating

[Repeat chorus]


Father, with cruel intentions
Doesn't want the newborn
To come into this world

So he takes precautions
That can not bear the light of day

Crash test foetus
Stomp and kick it around
Crash test foetus
Hits the lights
see how far you can go

Mother sliced open
From neck to cunt
Decimated family
They've become
Last screaming sounds
fill the room

Little one with a short lifespan
Meets it's moker to soon


No ground for pity
Did this to myself

I am in hell

O sweet torment embrace me
I am in hell
This is it, this is all
I am in hell
Suffer equals pleasure
I am in hell
Brings a feeling one can't measury


[Chorus x2]
Not to be reached
I am in hell
This is where I want to be
I am in hell

Chosen path, to be walked till the end
If you don't follow, leave me alone
Misery tastes sweet


Now I have to live with my sins
And beatiful were the times
When I committed them
I might get caught because I have

A fridge too full
Killed too many people
Stuffed with corpses
A fridge too full

Don't you see?
You force me to be a cannibal
Now I have to eat my victims
SO there will be no trace left

[Repeat chorus X2]
A fridge too full
Forced to be a cannibal
A fridge too full
Forced to be a cannibal

You won't allow me
To practice my hobby
My most favourite thing
Killing people, killing people

[Repeat chorus X2]

Why are there
So many cannibals in the world
They all have a fridge too full


In a pit of grubds, I lie
They're eating my flesh, I will die
Always wanted to end this way
My own deathwish, I have to obey


Lack of breeding kep you from developing yourself
Born out of your promiscuous sister
Whom went down on your father

Imprefect being
Born out of sins
Propitiate your family at all time
By keeping it in the family
Keeping it in the family

Inbreed seed
Breeding fucking mongols
Inbreed seed
Living your retarded life
Inbreed seed
Your family spreads like cancer
Inbreed seed
You don't take no far an answer

[Repeat chorus]

Spilling your seed
In your mothers cunt
Who's actually your sister
Lay down on her
Moaning and groaning
Family love never felt so right


Inferiors, minions, beware
Of this depressive message proclaimed
Nothing but festering, stools, we are
Destined to rot

[Chorus x2]
We're destined to rot
Prescient dogma, no one can escape from
We're destined to rot
Tragedy of mind and flesh

The anatomy of the path we walk is so simple
Running in pathetic circles
To find our pathetic destinations
It all means nothing
Going for a cheap rush
Blinded, Depravity
Of human fools

[Repeat chorus x2]


Deep down underground
Where forbidden deeds
Are put into practice
Within dark and moisty walls
Lies the chamber

Pick axe rips through succulent
Female flesh
Separating rotting cunts from
Female sinners

Gallery of meathook pierced clits
Provide a macabre view
Burning one retina

Chamber of clits is now revealed
Human hand of god has put to death all the apostates
Chamber of clits now revealed
Worshippers of sins sexual pride now put on display

[Repeat chorus]


Meine pussy ist rasiert und das macht die manner gonz verruckt!
So habe ich immer massenhaft Schwanze fur mein Fideloch
Schwanze die sich in mich bohren
Die mit krafigen kolbenstoBen, meine Mose, bearbeiten

Ein Schwanz in mein Loch zu spuren is herrlich
Aber noch besser ist es, gleichzeitig einen zweiten zum
Schlecken zu haben
Wenn ich zwei Schwanze habe, gonz fur mich allein
Werde ich besonders geil
Und mein Mund wird zu einer zweiten Mose

[Repeat chorus x2]

Zwei Manner auf einmal
Das ist eine geantie
Fur eine ganze Reihe von Orgasmen
Wenn der eine Schwanz seiner Honig versprits hat
Sorge ich mit meinem Mund dafur daBer wieder steht
Wahrend sich der andere Knuppel in mein Fick loch bohrt
Und ich noch eimal Komme


Now I shove my manhood into you
You scream because you're a frigide fuck
Teered cunt, I now devour

Your cunny cream splashes on your tights
Combined with blood
To me you are nothing
Just a slap of meat to fuck

Randy bith turns me on by saying no
You always wanted to wait
Now I'm taking controle

Your deep and succulent gash wet
With your blood
Makes you my beautiful
Frigid fuck, frigid fuck

[Repeat chorus]


Filthy fucking slut
I will drag you through the mud
Shoot a bullet through your head
Then slice your billion dollar ass like mad

The death of J.Lo
The death of J.Lo

No matter how many cocks she sucked
J.Lo's the one who gets fucked
Gonna drive down to her house to end it all
Then first smash her arrogant head against the wall

[Repeat chorus]


(No lyrics available)


[Speak English Or Die by SOD]

We come into your whorehouse
We want some clits to eat
Loads and loads and loads of them
That's what we fuckin' need
A flithy clit in our mouth
Rancid smell of women breed
Eating, licking, biting, bleeding
The taste of clit we find neet

You always make us eat
You make us want to breed
Upon clits we spill our seed
Eat clit or die!!

We know what we want
We know what we need
We don't need to repeat ourselves
Lay down on your sheets
Spread your fuckin' legs
And don't try to fucking breathe
A fuckin' clit in our mouth
Iss what we want to eat

[Repeat chorus x2]


No remorse
No regrets
No feeling
Built to kill

Ostrcize consciousness to another dimension
Bloodred let the path be one should lead

Write-off blunt weakness
Smiling at the caused mayhem
Dog eat dog

[Repeat chorus]

Slain shall be the ones who defy
Slaughter the ones who deny
The philosophy of total fuckin' destruction of man
And it's pathetic attempts to everrule all

[Repeat chorus]

Misanthrope, I, built to kill
Misanthrope, you, built to kill
Misanthrope, them, built to kill
Misanthrope, us, built to kill


[Pre Chorus]
Now put away for life
Locked up like a dog
Used and abused
Isolation cuts like sharp knives

Couldn't live up to society's standards
Forever farewell to life as you knew it

[Repeat pre chorus]
[Repeat chorus]

Undescribable torture
Reigns inside these walls of hell
Shining convicts eyes
Now dim forever
Shining convicts eyes
Now dim forever

[Repeat pre chorus]
[Repeat chorus]


It's never enough
And never will be
All this useless gate, sickens me

Fuckin' misanthropigs putting down every race
Never questioning themselves
Only other people way of life

Misantropigs resent every race
Misantropigs hate every colour
Misantropigs want them all to die
It's time Misantropigs
Ask themselves why?

It's no good, to hate them all
It's a battle, they can't win
It's no good, always being prejudiced
It's time misantropigs
Respect all the earths kind

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