Cianide : Second Life

Death Metal / Etats-Unis
(1991 - Auto-Production)
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Truth in lying, dying in truth
Flesh for flesh, lying in death
Feel my pain, God's gift to you,
Words of the Savior, the bringer of pain

Thousands of souls, I have claimed,
Giving new life, to the ones I have saved
Gives you a hope, in which you will see
There is no life, only blasphemy

Gather my slaves,
worship the priest,
I preach the words,
words of this feast

Believe in the truth,
through people I claim,
prey on the weak
who need to be saved

Blood that is shed,
I give to the priest,
you are the people
who drink at this feast.

Jesus my Son, the Holy One,
Return to save the souls who gave
Mortals draw near, believing this lie,
time has come, fools must die

Church of God turns to blood,
raping the souls holy ones,
Gather my slaves, worship the priest,
I am the words beginning this east

Heaven is now your eternal hell,
Fooled by your god prophet of doom
Religion is lost by an ongoing lie
Truth is dying, Dying is truth


Mind you see
through walls of being.
Built on terror
from life around.

See the world
from which you came.
You have no part
but to be enslaved.

Lurking into
the unknown fear.
Signs of life
which have past.
Sickening pain.
Final breath
is your last.

[Chorus 2:]
Time to pray
The choice is free
Time to pray
Succumb to greed

Torturing your mind,
Caved-in surroundings.
Forcing outbreak,
Trapped by inner-self.

Ever-growing need
from what to expect.
Future holds nothing
Life is a wreck.


Pay for remorse
of which to pay.
Life of suffering
Dying day.

[Chorus 2]

Masters of greed
from which you feed.
No escape
from this world of hate


This gift of life bestowed to you,
one which I can take away.
Insanity controls my actions and my thoughts,
My instinct is to deliver pain.

Watching you die like an animal,
Bleeding before me a lifeless toy,
God's greatest gift I shall destroy.

Foul smelling stench of the dead in this human cesspool.

Many more will follow you to be piled into this heap.
Unhallowed accursed ground, bodily remains, hunks of meat.
Slicing through flesh, orgasmic release, nauseating stench of disease.
Putrid home of meaningless sins.


Horrible sight, disgusting vision, hidden away from human eyes.
Rotting desire, murderous sings, actions are blasphemous.
Slice through your flesh, rotting decay sickening death,
Pools of blood, chopped heads, shredded flesh, sopping mess.



Twisting your life
through sorrows of sin.
Fighting this hell
in which we live in.

Think of the past,
things you have done.
Look to the future
in which you have none.

Pain in your mind,
receiving your death,
Planning a way
a sickening end.

What has been done
to cause such a state?
A man with no heart,
no love only hate.

And then you die.
Self destruction.
End to it all.

Disgusted with man,
the world he creates.
The future is certain,
for blood I will take.

Using my hands,
instruments of death,
gouging all flesh,
nothing to spare.

Life in this race
why should I care?
Slash my own wrists,
do I dare?

This is the path,
more lives I will take.
and then my own life.


Genocide, cannot have,
I will take who I can,
One by one, maybe more,
Rid this world, human scum.

Why do I feel this way?
Should I feel remorse?
Is this my only path I'll take?
My only course?


Lifelessness, the path to death,
Time is impatient,
Distortion of birth,
Unjust favors, unheard screams.

Twisting in pain, misfortune falls upon you.
Unfortunate circumstance, No chance for second life.
Fantasies of death, withheld by ignorance.
Timeless unbirth.
No chance for second life.

Unlived experience, grief and sorrow, disrupted life-flows.
Baptism of blood, death by life, confound reality.


A right to live,
Exposed to death,
Forgotten? Unanswered?
A question to life.

Lifelessness, the path to death,
Time is impatient,
Distortion of birth,
Death by life, confound realities.

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