Bury Your Dead : Cover Your Tracks

Metalcore / Etats-Unis
(2004 - Metal Blade Records)
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1. Top Gun

You finally have destroyed all the good in me. Face to face, there's nothing left inside of me. A soulless shell, I'm so imcomplete. This is the last time you will ever; you will never lie to my face. I have no love inside my heart, only a knife deep in my back. This shell that I've become is all that's left of me. Thanks to you. You have ignored our history. Your left us could and hungry, surviving week to week. This is the last time you will ever; you will never lie to my face. To destroy you would be not great loss.

2. Vanilla Sky

Every mile makes me feel so far away. You are the only thing that helps me sleep at night. Another city and I tell you that we're on our way. I know I used to think that you were by my side. You have changed and I know that so have I. This is the only way for me to say good-bye. Another week and we'll be in the same bed at night. If that's too far from now I'll have to cut my ties. Just because I'm so alone; doesn't mean I can't miss home. I'm tired of crying, tired of sleeping alone. If this is how you want it, I am moving on.

3. Mission: Impossible

And I stand. Here I stand waiting. Dreams of me erasing all the false words that you spoke. Regret-filled nights finally end. Sleepless nights, they finally end. I'm not forgiving you. I will never forgive you. Reality is sinking in; it's your mistakes that brought you here. The things you said brought me to my knees. The truth it hurrts so fucking much. But it hurts so much more in the end, where I am left. So let's keep this lost bond as a reminder. A reminder of all the things we fucking had. Feeling no sympathy. Feeling no remorse.

4. Eyes Wide Shut

There's nothing that you could say to me to keep me from walking away. So let's go. Maybe it hasn't registered yet, to you that we're through. But, we're as done as it gets my love and for us there will be no sunrise as I lay next to you, and this is the last thing I will ever give to you. It's over. This is the last thing I give to you. It's over.

5. Magnolia

Abuse your body but you call it love. I hear the stories; the bruises speak for themselves. You think we're blind just because we are young. I'm old enough to know now that my age made dumb. I should have yelled and forced someone to hear those things we thought were better left unsaid. Is now too late? It dominates my head. Those things we thought were better left unsaid. I could not choose a way. A choice that wasn't mine to make. Just make him go away. But if you're happy then I'm glad you found him. God, please help her find her way. A choice that wasn't mine to make. Just make him go away. Will she be happy when she finally finds herself? Does she know she has our help? Why do I ever bother? We left hose things unsaid. It hurts to talk but I'm starting to wish I did. We left those things unsaid. They hurt to hear. Why do I bother? Some things are better off left unsaid.

6. The Outsiders

The life I live, my last chance to get an impact. but my time's wasted by the poeple who came and then go. This one's for them 'cause the scene's for us and I'll give you one chance to stand up and prove to me you're not. You live your life by a broken promise you made to yourself in the seventh grade. Three years from now when you turn twenty-one, no longer coming out. You've become just like everyone else. Everyone else. You're our permission to work the walls. You'll be forgotten when you are gone. This one's for you 'cause the scene's for us.

7. Mission: Impossible 2

I never said that I was a fucking poet. I never tried to be something I know I'd never be. There's no use in pretending. I'll tell you one thing, so listen closely. I'll tell you one thing, so listen closely when I tell you this is straight from the bottom of my broken heart. So please save the excuses for someone who wants to hear them. You're not here; that's all that matters. The lies, the deceit; will I ever say enough is enough, or will I continue to let you walk all over me. I am done. Pistol please. I can't take this anymore. Pistol please.

8. The Color of Money

I see you're weak. Did you see that we were strong? We all make mistakes in life. You made your choice, at the same time you made mine. You found a man that you'd give for, and what you gave would mean my everything. You'd come around in the long run. I can see now how we all lost hope 'cause we would spend everyday thinking about you. We'd grow strong without you. We had each other. That's all we needed. Life wasn't easy but it could be beat. A constant battle, mine for the taking, with them beside me, and that's all I'd need. The years without you were far from easy. We'd have our visits but only in my dreams. I might sleep smiling though I was cold. We had a fire that's not what makes a home. Forget the past. Let's forget the struggle. We have you back and that's all I need to know. You need us now and we all forgive you. I see you're weak. Did you see we're strong? Are you proud that we turned out so strong? Forget the past. We have you back. You need us now and we all forgive you. I see you're weak. Did you see we're strong? Are you proud that we turned out so strong?

9. Risky Business

You think you're blood to me and I think you're fucking wrong. What is there left to show for all the wasted years you've taken from me when the memory of your smile makes my head turn the other way. And what is there left to say after all the feeling so empty. Every smile was a waste, wasted on your love. You think you're blood to me and I think you're fucking wrong. 'Cause you crossed to line one last time so I'm going through you if I can't get over you. I'm getting over you the only way I know how. Over you. You crossed to line from enemy to casualty the day you disrespected me.

10. Legend

You brought us up although you were forced to. You had two children and you were just a kid yourself. You cared for us and we relied on you. We used to cry and that was your burden. We had to eat and you had to provide. We we're just then and we weren't much younger than you. That's what we have. That is why I know you're the reason we all survived. When we were young and you were our mother we grew up fast 'cause that's how we had to. As I got older I knew I owed it all to you. I owe my youth to you. We both know what we have been through. You gave your youth just so you could get us through. I owe my youth. That is what we have. You are why I am. Put on your dancing shoes.

11. All The Right Moves

All that I have is what this promise means. You are the only thing that's left for me. And what might keep me falls to second place when I remember what you give for me. All that I have is all that you've given me. My heart was empty. Life was killing me. Gave you my body and you gave me love. I swear my everything you're not just all I have you're all I need. You're not just all I have you're all I need. I mean these words more than I've ever meant anything before. You're all that I need.

12. Losin' It

Bury your fucking dead.

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