Buried In Verona : Circle the Dead

Metalcore / Australie
(2008 - Riot Entertainment / Self-Produced)
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Our beginning will last forever, even though we fear the end
And the light that blinds our two souls burns brightly in your eyes
You forgave all my actions that hurt you inside
Then you ripped my heart out
I can't take this, you're like a wrecking ball through hell
These words don't do justice for what I feel inside
I wish I could just wake up with your head next to mine
You see me from your blood filled eyes
And you judge
My life means nothing
To you I'm worthless, no warmth just darkness from your heart
Am I still nothing?
You're bleeding, you're seeing me
You are the one thing I'd die for
You're my only reason to live
Handle your problems or our love burns to death


Just try and understand our claims
That your mind can't remain this way
If you just stayed here for the while, and listened
Cause you've got everything to lose
With your pride set you can't be moved
If you just faced us that day you'd be here
You always knew when you walked away
No forgiveness
You never cared what you threw away
No forgiveness
This feels like forever and its eating us inside
With hopes script ending
We will wait for you


Try to hold on to skin deep memories
Nothing speaks or gets a mention
Cold and dark blinds eyes suspicious
Bleeding wounds in time will heal
All others gas away
We rose out from our deepest grave
Left shedding light on darker days
Deflecting all the hate always
And now we rise, we rise up, deflecting all the hate
Once were deeper than I could have imagined
Sleeping's hard with my eyes focused
With what my life has never had
Looking back at severed ties now
See black consume it all
Drowning inside the silence but I won't snap
I will rise above this
Try to hold on to skin deep memories
Once were deeper than I could have imagined


You take your chances lying to me
More threats of breakdown with you and me
You're always sorry for tears that stain
Scar tissue spreading, those tears won't fade
You will fade to me
You take all that you needed
Then you threw it all away
So now it's over, you pushed too far
Those dreams that ended seem so far
I'm feeling like a freight train, something coming over me
Needles in my eyelids, scarring up my fits again
I believe in nothing, cause this fucking world means nothing
To you to me any nothing in between
But I won't live the lie, I won't live that charade
I never told you how to be


Wish we could've had more time to be
Worn the pain more just to see
Your soul reborn again
This is for all those grieving hearts, to stop bleeding
Hope has failed again, they put a time when death will win
And as the blackened cells corrode we whisper goodbye
I just wanted to believe they'd save you
Now only time for us to say our final words
I see deep in your eyes, I feel you letting go
The pain just won't subside, fall back into the light
Someone wake me from this coma's fucking grip
I've sailed too far with a sinking ship
We saw the edge of your life erode away
The end is climbing up your spine
Take what's left, only memories survive


Past another constant remind of adversity
You know your scraping the life out of me
I kept it on the inside, I fucking nearly died
I would've dragged all you fucks down to hell
You broke me down
Breaking through this I'm waking to this game
You'll bleed the truth when I'm standing above you
Clear your head, remember what they did
Choose to sacrifice, exact your revenge
Take all the hard roads and earn every step
Life, let it teach you pain
Let it make you stronger
Take your fucking dirt nap


I hate to see you like this
You're only hanging on by the numbers
Searching through the dark
Cause you're lost in the struggle
Lying in your pain
Fight this
This war has begun
You're last breath is near
Our war has begun
Prepare yourself
Sight and sensation draining away
Your body's turning inside out from corrosion
Don't let it take your soul
Fight this
You know we're safe from time
I'll hold your heart with mine




To see those eyes and feel your smile
To hear those words once more
Your heart is mine and mine is yours
Till the end of time
If I could I would go
And live those days again
Just to feel your sweet embrace
To be your only one
It's only forever
It's always been for you
I would choke on razor blades
Just to speak your name
I would stitch my eyes closed
To always dream of you
I climb aboard your sinking ship
To hold you in my arms
The silence drowns the sound of screams
From your watery grave
Too late to forgive
I'll never forget you never looked so beautiful
Hanging from your fucking neck
There's only thunder when it rains
Can a heart still beat once it breaks?
So take my hands and follow me
Off the mountains edge
And in death is where we will dance
Under blood lit skies


I will not be a victim
I will not take what's left
And I will not breed the violence
And I will not step back
Will you be there for me?
Will you be there inside my pain?
I will choose the road my life takes
And I will choose only loved ones
And I will choose the fights with meanings
And I will not step back
I will give you nothing
I won't give you any tears of mine
I will give you nothing
I won't give you any part of me
All I am, all I'll be was built inside, It's apart of me


Alone and in despair
I'm disgraced and aware of my undoing
There's no time to die
I've even got no spine left to hide
My pain forced inside
Try and stop this, try and save me
God I'm slipping, help I'm sinking
Take all that you want, take all that want from me
I'll never be what you want
You've lost the game and you have all but broken me
So sad to see lesson learned, hearts left open
I feel so empty, so black with decay
I am diseased from the inside, the outsides fading
This pressure of my life circles above me
It's beating me down for all the shit I take
Please help my mind, my body to somewhere it finds peace
My soul shall bare my pain
This pressure of my life circles above me
It's beating me down for all the shit I've done

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