Budgie : Deliver Us from Evil

Heavy Metal / Royaume-Uni
(1982 - RCA)
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You and I don't talk now
It didn't start out that way
I'm bored with the game now
I think it's too late

I've had time alone
To think things through somehow
I can't hold back to forget the pain I'm feeling now
Oh, Russia what went wrong?
Why won't you tell me aren't you that strong?
Cut out my heart with your switchblade eyes
There's no alibis

I'm bored with Russia (bored with Russia)
Hanging out in Stalin square
I'm bored with Russia (bored with Russia)
You won't talk so I don't care

What are you hiding?
I've asked myself a thousand times
You said it's no good,
Why don't you make up your mind?
Oh, Russia I've got to say
I'm tired of feeling this way
Oh, Russia before it's too late
Set the record straight


Don't cry, don't cry
Hold on, we'll meet again
So long to Independence Day

Don't cry, don't cry
Be strong, the mist must fade away
My heart goes with you today

Don't cry, stand on your own
Don't cry you know you're never alone
Don't cry, don't cry

Oh, my life is just the same as yours
Your will, open up the doors
Don't cry, don't cry


Never believe in the bellicose talker
Pretending his cause to be just and strong
The onrushing torrent of words to convert
Entice me to follow along

Truth drug! Sell it to the bad boys
Making all of their noise, ringing in my ears
Truth drug! Give it to the bad guys
Don't you know that their lies,
Are not allowed in here

The energy relays rhetorical speeches
The sugar sweet voice tells me this is the best
The durable quality lasts for a second
I fell for the scam like the rest

You think it's funny, to make your money
By telling your lies.
Crawl back under your stone!

I got it wrong when you wrote me a letter
That said you would love me forever and ever
Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind
Keeping respect for each other


Young girl so naive
Young and hungry, seventeen
Sweet thing, peaches and cream
Sells her body, lives in a dream
She found love, she found it in his eyes
Drifts about so all she does is cry

Young girl learning fast,
She's so different she has no past
Nightlife takes its toll on the sweet thing
She's growing old
She found love, she found it in his arms
Drifts about, he's always telling lies

Young girl tired of rejection
Young girl needing some affection

Young girl realizes her body,
Is her ticket to life
Sweet thing she walks out
So she tells him and starts to shout
She found love, she found it in his eyes
He's got a gun now she's gonna die

Young girl, tired of rejection
Young girl, needing some affection
Young girl, tired of rejection
Young girl, needing some affection
Young girl


The two young children were old and bent
The older tried to look confident
Laying life ebbed away, nearly spent, no love
The darkness came and stopped the precious light
If they survive this eternal night
Without the sun and their maternal love
They might fade away

Flowers in the attic will not grow
Flowers in the attic no one knows
Flowers in the attic given some light
Maybe you will survive

The children cried like a baying hound
Cold, still and darkness was their surround
Although they wept, you could hear no sound
They fade.
They needed light to rejuvenate
To run away through an open gate
To halt the rise of a growing pain, away

By now the old world was laid to rest
So they invented self-happiness
With all the toys and the books
And the games they played
One lonely child in the night touched you
Depending on his mothers will
No food or love were the last but 'til the dawn


Light, missile coming, sun is dawning
Early warning, flash of a light in the sky
A long black cavern, Cheyenne Mountain
Minutes counting, warning to keep you alive

Fade out! One of the names for killing the masses
Fade out! It's your fault
Fade out! Extreme in demise, we can't take a chance
Fade out! It's your fault

Look at the world through the eyes of NORAD
Look at the world through the eyes of NORAD

Wait, before reason, now the season
Changes to the coldest of all in the fall
There, down below, that they were told to
Take a loaded gun to be held at the head

Fade out! You cannot be saved so blow up the world
Fade out like defcom
Fade out! We must be insane it's really a drill
Fade out like defcom

(A sycophant is not what you think
I feel helpless and practically double dictated)
Look at the world through the eyes of NORAD
Look at the world through the eyes of NORAD

Look what you've done to the world


Give me the truth, give me the truth
Righteous you are to follow the star
Give me the truth, give me the truth you do
Why don't we see oh the simplicity?

You might think that I'm falling down on my luck
But you were wrong 'cause you know
That what you get is the undiluted real, you feel

Give it a chance, love is like Lennon said
Love is the bread we'll be happy to spread
Give me the truth, it's tuned to its proper sound
And this part I play is the music for me

You might think that I'm falling
Into the trap that tension has laid, but I say
What can I do when I know I feel this way, this way

Give me the truth, everyone criticize
Don't take offence, but pride is a brand of lies
Give me the truth, give me the truth
Righteous you are so follow your star


Alison, Alison
Locked inside your head
Keep the words I said
And you'll always remember

Alison, Alison
They come to you and cry
Help to dry their eyes
Soothing their sorrow

Waking in the morning
She is moody as she opens the day
Slowly through the hour
She will open like a flower
And smile in her way


I touched a nerve and made you jump
I sounded so unkind
A wild effect might come and hide
Upon your troubled mind
I could have used a little tact
Instead of speaking out
Your temperament was much too quick and hot

Finger on the button,
You're ready to shoot me down
Waiting to set the world on fire
Finger on the button,
You're waiting to shoot me down
Some things I say
Are not meant to be taken that way

You took my words so literally
It made you look the fool
But obstinence should not incite
Such sweet revenge so cruel
But having taken orders
I will apologize
But don't you think it's time we really tried?

Hold it back
Hold it back
Remember I'm a friend


Keep the fire of life alight,
Give it all you can
Open up your hand, reach out
Your positive reactions fight
Your run of empty luck
Empty 'cause they've snuffed love out

Hold on to, hold on to love
Why don't you hold on to love?
Hold on to, hold on to love
Everyone hold on to love

There's a school of higher thought
That hears the frequency
A universal key, sing out
Although it's run is separate
Like islands in the stream
Tune in to the beat listen out

When you're disillusioned with
The path your life has run
There is only one remedy
What's the use in having
If you don't appreciate
Love can turn to hate so easily

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