Bran Barr : Sidh

Black Folklorique / France
(2010 - Underclass Music / TrollZorn Records)
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Fearg, the churlish child
King to be of Ultraigh, intrepid
Bravery and rage in your heart
Son of Nuadh Amach you are

Resounding horns, the feast opens
Celebrating the chosen one

I praise thy courage
True heir of my realm, the one to inherit my throne
Your cunning and skill are remarkable
Our people will plead allegiance to your honor

Resounding horns, the feast opens
Celebrating the chosen one

Meangan, jealous son of the king
Provoked Fearg in a terrible fight
Despite his deep and bleeding wounds
The hero won the duel but was captured

Fearg had to fight another man to prove his innocence
Turmulus a massive young warrior charged
With a wooden bludgeon
Once again the youngster vanquished, stronger than his opponent
Who is this man who could bring down this valiant boy of Ultraigh?

Lonely in this kingdom of fools
He found support in two persons
Senacha the druid with whom he has a bond of deep respect
And Loucetius the daughter of the king,
Princess in love with him
The two lovers isolated decided to run away


The runaways are made captured by Cobru Neil and his guards
Fearg kills the king by accident at the time of the arrest
He is then imprisioned and Loucetius renounces him
Betrayers to Ultraigh deserve to die

I didn't to be your lord
Only a vile animal
And my hate is growing hard
Savage spawn of the forest
Your people are just pitiable
I am the one to enthrone
Your father had chosen me
I am the king from now on

The whole tribe pounces on him
To carry our worst tortures
Meangan in a revenge emasculates the rebel
He is the sentenced to death
For ht murder of Cobru Neil
Loucetius by pity helps him flee

I didn't to be your lord
Only a vile animal
And my hate is growing hard
Savage spawn of the forest
Your people are just pitiable
I am the one to enthrone
Your father had chosen me
I am the king from now on

In a world of fools and poltroons
They are rats, I despise them all
May the wind carry my tears in the moor
May the stones absorbe my sorrow

The orphaned vagrant roams, alone
Making one with the woods

He meets spoilers, kills their Olc'h
Leader and takes command
During ten years of awe

Delirum and rage invades his heart
A cruel animal is about to be born

No mercy for none, not even druids or sages
Sadism and hatred stronger than bard satires
Always mare bestial, he expresses by deep growls
Feeding of the flesh of butchered victims

A day of hunt, he comes upon his tribe
Slays all in torment, including Loucetius

Senacha curses him before to die
No longer a man you are, as a beast you will roam


In this cold and dark forest
Fearg is now alone and revels in a deep animality
He runs and flees without knowing nor understanding
Because terror drowns him,
And like an animal terrified by the unknown
He runs until exhaustion

Thirsty I lie down by a pond
Its reflection, who is this frightening swine?

The beast instinct is now supplanting the man
and his desperate escape seems never to end

For days and days, I've been running
Without knowing where or why I'm going to
I'm losing myself, I forgot all of my being and conscience
Who I was I just don't know

A strange thing distorts me from within
No longer man. I feel like I loose my soul

The more time passes, the more Fearg transforms
His crazy eyes turn to red,
The body covered with mud and leaves

I roam at night, waiting for signs of the red moon
And I hunt like a wild marauder

No longer a man, I feel like I lose my soul

The more time passes, the more woods transform
The Sidh is slowly opening, in a dark and morbid energy

Where have I arrived? World of death
And these animals? Slay them all
The cold obscurity fills my soul
Under these shapeless trees, claws of death
Fearg comes to a glade of black soil
A weird atmosphere emanates from it, evil mood

Fearg strikes the altar and a giant Daimh Dorka appears
From the black soil and a big fight starts
He bites at the throat of the creature
And this one falls down wounded
But victorious Fearg falls also in a last howl




Fearg relieved the Sidh of its effete lord
But now in the rules dictated by this world
A world of which he's not. Who is this non-native?
Obscure personage, not a man anymore

The graceful queen Morgan cannot accept this boor
Such violent and mean he so really is
I relieved you of your demented god
In this decayed world which resembles nothing

The madness of Righ Coll harmed the peace of his world
That's why Morgan accepts that Fearg settles down
He takes care of the folks and regains serenity
And while he recovers the Sidh revives

Fearg regains his condition looked after by Analeth
No remorse nor resentment, just a deep wound

As Fearg gets better he retrieves his parlance
But there's always in him a hint of animal
And Morgan is astonished by such a mutation
This man has saved the Sidh, glory to him

Fearg regains his condition looked after by Analeth
No remorse nor resentment, just a deep wound

But the Sidh is not in a better shape
Daimh Dorkh's madness is a high concern

And the Marbh elves with their destructive rites
The continue to make the Sidh die

Morgan dubious sighs, she didn't wan a new king
Moreover this animal in fact was a man
How could a human being subsist the Sidh?
How did he survive Righ Coll's poison?


Dindan an douar
Ba don al lennou
E-kreiz ar c houajou distro

Kuzet duez daoulagad an dud
Ar Sidh, tachennad an doueed

Debet ga'r breinadur
Ar rouantelez ha
Oa peuh ennan gwechall

Zo marvennet ga'n eneberien
Oviltansou diforch

An doueed koz 'ya kuit
Bro a wad a hag a zrailh

Bugale an doueez
Minoured brema
A zao beh etreze

Un den ha n'eo ket unan
'Gavo dor ar Sidh

En hano an doueez vamm
A zigaso en-dro
Peuh bar rouantelez


How Fearg ventured into the black domain of Kernunnos
And the revelation he was told

Inspired by the words of the wise
His Sgan'cunaimh in hands
Fearg entered serenely
In these dark woods with end
Naom Gan'Sidh left behind
The only enclave preserved
To a silent and dull universe, land of night

thou will hardly find thy way
Through these giant oaks, gaunt columns
Beware of the hordes of animals
The Nim'horcgl, first event

The confrontation with these creatures, gleams in the dark
A strange experience in his quest for god Kernunnos
Being humble a feeling he'd never known before
Confessing impotence was the answer

Righ of Naom Gan'Sidh, just a single tramp here below
Fearg continued his journey
Through the wide forest to a chasm

Overhung by a bridge of stone, a putrid pit and foul
On the other side stood a creature, half man, half wild boar

No use to fight, Fearg used trickery
Muddled the beast crossed

After a while he met a band of females
Dancing around an idol
Devoured alive and thrown into a cauldron,
By magic Fearg got out

The statue moved and came to Fearg
A Journey's end

The god told the story of the Sidh.
How Kran ruined the lands and people
Fearg realized at this moment the true sense of his destiny


Fearg leaves Morgan and goes into
The unknown to achieve his quest
Three comrades travel with him to join his adventure,
Companions of walk
Analeth is Korrigan. A healer who took care of the hero
A strong bond unites these fellow beyond Fearg's conscience

The second companion is Shtomp.
His wisdom and fealty are precious virtues
He has a great knowledge of tradition
And the history of Sidh
Darag Cagar, as for him,
Possessed bye the Dorhu Schraal, ages ago
Both entities merged in one agile wolf-man

And little by little as they wander from Naom Gan's Sidh
Woods turn less profuse,
They arrive in the lands of the Daimh' Dorkh

Once fellows of faries, Daimh' Dorkhs had lost their mind
Banned form the sanctuary

One night they meet with Groan and Arobiate,
Bright Daimh' Dorkhs
They devise a rebellion on cure their tribe

Helped by their allied, Fearg wins Cat'Dun
And takes over the Gailach'Claid

Victorious in Cat'Dun, the heroes pursue their crusade
They reach swamps of moorland
And penetrated in the cursed lands
No colour, all is grey

A mist of melancholy hangs above this territory
Where dwells a lonely woman living in a hut on pilings
She offers them hospitality

The winds tell the legend of Mhaise
Goddess of wisdom who reigned on the Beaghuirs
She shows her real face trying to seize their souls
As Shtomp is victim, the group is now orphaned

Crossing the dead plains, where the Marbh elves live
They finally arrive to the doors of the beehive fortress

There stands a shaman Daimh' Dorkh named Dubiar
Tells that to get the acorn must
The nameless beast be killed
The fight turns out easy but deceived by the shaman
Fearg has to confront the evil Thron Agar

Darag Cagar sacrifices himself enabling
The escape of his companions
Analeth and Fearg run across
The beehive slaying everyone in a flood of blood

Titan strife between massive armies
And Analeth is killed by Thron Agar
Fearg charges in a giant Daimh' Dorkh
And slays Thron Agar with the Gailach'Claid

Carnage is total, Fearg got back the acorn
In pain and heavy losses
But the war ain't over and a passage has been opened
To the world of men
Eritrain' Dun battle is now to come


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