Brainstorm (GER-1) : On the Spur of the Moment

Power Mélodique / Allemagne
(2011 - AFM Records)
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You think you know what life’s all about
But there's nowhere to hide
And nowhere to run
This is my life, broken for you
Blessed are the blind, my favorite view
But something inside me is still alive
It seems that my soul has survived
No one can escape your web of lies
No one can escape your dreams
No one knows where my future lies
When I'm out of sight!
If you can see please give me a sign
I'11 look in the mirror and see the line
I cannot leave my ways behind
And seek for weakness below the line
You confess my sense of guilt
Cause you've been in darker places
Wherever I turn there is pain
I know that evil has many faces
What's yours is mine
As I am proceeding into your mind
No one can escape your web of lies
No one can escape your dreams
You were never supposed to be
So get your sickness away from me


When will it end now I'm falling
Falling apart at the seams
I'm running through life
I'm trying to reach my dreams
Somehow I can understand
How can I deny
I never meant to cause you pain
Remaining cries
Get me out of this hole
I just can't help it
Living loaded
With my back on the wall
Do you understand
I miss the touch of your hand
Come over me
In the blink of an eye
Don't you understand
I miss the touch of your hand
Take all of me
In the blink of an eye
I'll go somewhere where I can breathe
Breathing on my own
Why do you save all the trouble
And pull yourself down
What's taken away is the price you pay
My heart got lost
Tomorrow will be gone before you know
Never again will I trust
Wish all hatred could disappear
The loss of feeling
Enter me, save me
I could see more clear


You're feeding my mind
But I won't let you in
My world has changed
From an insight into a dream
It’s a matter of speaking
But my thoughts
Become frozen in time
Remember my forgotten past
But I'm the last of my kind
Here I sit alone
In a temple made of stone
Face to face I’m here to dwell
I take myself out of this hell
I would pay whatever
To make things right
But it's only a few words to say
But I'm driven by the demons inside
Chronic depression grabs hold of me
But I won't let these demons win
I will set myself free


This is not what I am looking for
No matter what you do
You have no soul, there is no fear
There's no turning back from here
There's only one way out you'll find
I can see forever
You're walking on a thin line
Into the never
Everyday is up to you
None will see the world as you do
Nothing's ever built to last forever
In these walls you will appear
If it's dragged away from the never
Where you spent your soul
And all your fears!
Every breath drawn like your last
When you've escaped another past
Among the clouds and on through time
These are black clouds that roll on by
If you're up there in the sky
As the minutes have ticked
Your life away
In a world without sense
You crashed your own existence!
There's an ending left behind
Swallow your pride
In a deficient mind.


Where do we go from here,
What in the world
Can make you mine?
In my dreams I hold you near
Don't let the feelings
Pass us by this time!
The feelings that we feel
Are black and white
How can we subside
All that we are in life;
All the memories that we share,
All the answers they don't care,
All the memories and every pain,
It's just an illusion
Still quite insane!
What have we become,
What is real
Is the thing we feel,
We might be breathing still,
As we open our eyes
We watch it heal,
The only thing that makes us
Feel anything at all
Is what our dreams uphold


Someday you'll see
There is no cause
If there are some
Who share your thoughts,
You're afraid of the truth
So I will understand,
If ignorance is bliss
It's the meaning of the end
Wisdom voices are guiding me
Your meaningless words
Not worth the air I breathe,
But this is life
This is dark
This is tearing me apart,
This is what you believe
But I won't surrender!
Something went wrong
All along the way,
Are we meant to take the pain
You think the time has come
To set it straight
Never again
Will my life be the same
Wisdom voices are haunting me,
No questions to be answered
Now I'm free


I went about my whole life
What I've believed
And what I've received
It's been a few days
Since I've said goodbye
Maybe each day should be my last
And maybe each hour devours the past
Hope falls through
The holes in my hands
Watch me when there's
Nothing left to see
Hear me as I'm not
Half the man I used to be
Cause I'm no sinner and I'm no saint
I laid myself to rest when
There's nothing left to gain
Cause I'm no sinner and I'm no saint
I lose my very soul
No matter what or what's my name
I see my reflection on a marble floor
All of my tears are in my mind
Emotions sustained
Breaking me inside
I am who I am,
I want this dream to end
I try to break away from the spell
But I pull the trigger on myself
Know me as all knowledge
Comes with pain
I lose myself and go insane


Are we strong enough to survive
When we awake from a timeless sleep
We may have wasted years
But we won't walk alone
With the secrets that we keep
We're learning from the days passing by
Until the time we take care, we promise
No one gets hurt
They know too soon we will be there
Now that we're falling
The day has come to bare
When darkness is no more
There’ll be no remorse, it’s...
...Where your actions
Will lead you to live
...Where your actions
Will lead you to survive
Only heaven knows it's much too late
No more lies no alibis
We're tangled in a world of light
With darkness inside
Whatever we once knew
Fell apart in our hands
Whatever we now do, a new life begins...
But still we're falling
Another day has come
The darkness is no more
While all noises are gone, it’s...


Swallow me
As I become a living dream
Don't fade on me
Don't let me down,
These memories still haunting me
But there's nowhere to run
A tragedy my head spins round
All I try to find out why all
These words leave me in doubt
When the sunlight fades away
I feel like my life's on hold
A storm is moving in on me
Now I know what I've been told
Another journey through my soul
I've built myself to last
Forever here but never passed
I know I'm lost
My soul is gone
I pay for my crimes
A shattered ego in my mind
All I try to find out why all
These dreams leave me in doubt


I can't understand the world around me
Meaningless as you may seen
So here I am at the end of all times
But I'11 take all that's left behind
The voice I hear, the demon speaks
He lives inside my mind,
I thought I'm strong, but now I'm weak
He's coming up from behind
How can I resist, tell me why
My dreams are never meant to be
Forever damned, the life I live
My unexpected prophecy
Now I walk with you through the gates
Where my own hell awaits
Time will show when my time has come
What will release me from this life
Why I'm pushed away by something dark
From the roots the evil rises
Now I feel the breathing down my neck
With the shadows by my side
Caressed by your hands
And the fire in your eyes
So here I am at the end of all times
I'll take all that's left
And let the water rise
Desire brings fortune
This is something real
Alive in thoughts
Too deep for any fears
I am the demon
I feel that you are not alone
I am the sunlight
When you enter another room

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