Battlelore : Evernight

Metal Symphonique / Finlande
(2007 - Napalm Records (AUT))
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The man and the ghost will meet again
In the night when it snows, never quiet, never cold

Hear their calling, lost lords to cast the ride, white spears in their hands, pointing towards the sky

The ancient echoes from the wielded jaws, the bones and the scales, the forgotten lore

The calm of the night, lighting the flame
In the night when they haunt the curtain shall fall

Heroes and fools, all together, all the same, statues of the restless
Gallery of the drowned and the pale

The man and the ghost will meet again on the marshes of the old, though silent when it snows


Let the whirling wind whisper the farewell, blow the silver sand away, hide your traces
Watch the clouds rising through the fading sky

Welcome your novel home, no more dreams of insanity, welcome your novel life
No more dying in clarity, welcome your novel dark, no more fear or agony
Welcome your novel light, no more hope or serenity

The higher ones shall rise again, our ways are not the same
We shall wander and long for this to come, for us it is a different faith

Once again I see the sun, hear the woods and feel the air, reach for the stars and the moon
Scent of the flowers and the woods

I am hiding under the sea, lost, deep into the shadows,
Behind the sleep I am waiting to hear my name again


Full circle summons the servants
The gathering of the haunted
Howls in the nocturnal mist
Calls for the haunt

I have seen the shape of the fallen
The guardian of the gates
I have seen the darkest one behind them
The one without a name

Ravaging in the woods, sleepwalking in shadows
The hunger drives them forth, the hunger forever burning

Under the leash of the enemy
They carry the troops against us
Ride from the northern fields
To terror the world at night
Born to devour the dark powers
Born to obey the one
Dire dwellers of the fiery caves
The feast of the forgotten souls

The dawn ends the furious hunt
The newborn sun reaps the gloom
But the daylight will fade away
When the night falls they roam again

They will never hunt alone
Open gates of void arrive with them
Freezing stare through your bones and veins
He will hear every word you say


We are the legions of the damned, the legions of saints
Together as one we stand, we are the legions of light
The legions of dark, together we shall arise

We will cast the spell on you, charm your soul for good
Join us and share the glory, from every battle we ever fight
Side by side we hold the line

We are the legions of doom, the legions of hope
Together we triumph and mourn
We are the legions of all, the legions of gods
Defy our strength and you shall fall

We hold the bridge over the bourn
Wield the keys and guard the gates
We shall reform the laws
Shape the future and the faith

New creation in our order, we set the dawn and the rise again
Night and day, all the seasons
Changes when ever we say
Crush the betrayals, hunt them down
Together we are strong enough to drown
All the infidels in their own blood
We are the legions, we are the gods


New shores of the lesser men, brave journey to the unknown land
Sealords from the Western Star, endowed the havens afar

Dark reign of the East, beware our gleaming might
The crimson day will come, when there's no one by your side

High command, counsel and wealth, masters beyond the sea
Guardians carrying the swords, armours against treachery
Great kings brought the sun over the frightened lands
Blew away the blurking clouds, spoiled the Ring Maker's plans

The aura of tranquility, everywhere they go
Advanced art and craft, wisdom for mind and soul
Firm is their bearing, healers for the weak
Like gods in flesh and blood, fathers and sons from the sea

We are the protectors from the given land
Isle of the dreamers, made by divine hands
We shall free you from the threat and the fear
Of immortal enemy, his end is near

Our duty is to gather our arms, to take the Eastern road
And to challenge the dark, our pleasure is to force Him down
To make Him crawl and to tear His crown

This is the war, this is the path of blood
Lord of Gifts, your star shall fall
This is the end, this is the freedom call
Of men and elves, this is Your final dawn


Every morn I awake and look to the sky
Something is wrong, I can sense the passing time
Every night I close my eyes
I must move on

When I am watching the others, far away or next to me
Heir their words, hidden fears, smiling faces, swallowed tears
I have seen the circle, closing on me

Every day I feel my heart
Longing for the horizon
Maybe I could only stay
Look to the other way
For the guiding star

How much longer I can smother the pain
How much longer until my flame fades
Something more for me to see
Something more for me to adore

How much longer I can smother the pain
How much longer until my flame fades
Unknown world right there for me
It has to be the reason I am living for


I am here beside you, it is all you've got
In your grief and pain, no one else to trust

You cannot feel it, it is too close
You cannot see it, your eyes are closed
Your senses low, your body cold
Inside your head the flies and the worms

I am here beside you in your bliss and fame
Dragging you back, beyond the silent trail

You did not see from where it came
When it laughed, started the game
Amongst the others, called your name
Inside your head the flies and the worms

You are the mightiest, above them all
Your iron will makes them crawl
You have the power, the words of the wise
But it all comes behind the mask of flies

Sometimes I hope I drown, let it go and fade away
Fall asleep with a shelter and never wake up again
Step aside and leave the signs, save them for another day
I am too weak, I cannot fight, but I am still awake


The Second Land, the Eastern ride, into the cave where the serpents hide
Treasures of lies in disguise, unseen is the truth, fragile dreams

Only lies and fragile dreams

Refer the throne of forever-ice, unleash the fire from your eyes
Reveal the wounds and praise your kind, betraying words, blind belief

Welcome the loot, the king, the proof, this must be enough
Under the guard can't grow his roots, you won't see, it is too late

They saw his face and how he bowed, the torn black cloak
Everything disgraced, but who was the master
And who was the hound, they did not know, their faith was bound

From the heart, from the core, breathing ashes, forever fall
You heard his pain, words of remorse
He was invited, it is your own fault

Reclaim the throne of forever-ice, leash the fire from your eyes
Conceal the wounds and despise your kind
Betraying words, true belief


Under the storm shone the nobe colours
Lords of the oceans from the Western shores
The Golden King in eternal valour
"Master the seas", in their blood forever

Port city, once healthy and fair
Set in doom by cancer and plague
Leeches and black water

The original sins, curse of Man
Forbidden course, drowning their stand

We have to go and seek the truth
Falling tears for my delirium

It is not a dream, the glorious land
In a palm of my hand

Unlearn the madness, forget the sea
It is just a dream, beneath the waves

Furious swells tore the soil apart
The broken ban, wrath of the Gods
Quakes and fire crumble the realm
The false kingdom, under the sea

You have been betrayed - Led astray
Guided to leave - You sail away
By your own greed, beneath the waves


Sudden screams
Choking pressure
Cutting noise
Horns of flesh and blood
Black mass of unholy one
Through the white human priests

Ruined temple
Reborn in flames

Dark waves rising above us
Runners in front of the death storm
Blinded by their own faith
Into the doom and oblivion

All the glory for the one
Who covered all the mirrors
All the years for the one
Who lived amongst the dragons

Ruined temple
Reborn in flames
And washed with blood
No one
Will save your soul



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