Autopsy (USA) : Tourniquets, Hacksaws & Graves

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Lost and abandoned in a tropical hell
With a ship dead beneath the sea
A group of survivors faces their doom
On this island they'll all know insanity

Unseen eyes from the trees beyond
Taking in the wretched and weak
Weapons razor sharp and poison encrusted
Incisors prepared for the feast

Human traps above and below
There is no safety to be found
The fires will burn bright for the cannibals this night
And the blood will run thick on the feeding ground

All are now captives
Slick with blood and tears
The full moon shows their captors
Leering with rocks and spears

The breeders are selected
Their lives are spared for now
Cruel genitals poised
The air is shattered with primal howls

Ritual lust and sick fornication
This place is alive with screams
Seeds are planted and skin is clawed
If only this were a dream
Bodies are hacked and spitted alive
Slowly turning over the flames
Impregnated slaves are force fed flesh
'Til only the Bones Remain


Bleeding from my face from
Where I pulled it apart
Sliced off an ear drinking gasoline to start
Smash my fingers, gouge out an eye
To death I fucking defy
I can take the most and still I walk away
In this contest of gore today is not your day
Your mere contribution surely falls short
After this you'll wish your mother chose to abort

King of flesh ripped, away your life slips
I'm the king of flesh ripped,
The tightening of death's grip

Take a knife and slash your face
This room will show you no grace
Hooks through your skin,
Hang you on the wall
When this ends you won't be able to crawl


Can you take a hammer to your knees ?
Forget about giving up, silence your pleas
Nailgun to your hand, are you dead ?
Cut off your damn arm, now I'm fed


Place of pain and death, beyond insanity
Out of human sight, beyond the mountain's teeth
Pieces on the floor, unrepentant gore
Another backyard burial, another ticket back to hell
No one else comes here, just victims that I bring
Chloroformed and bound, another bloody offering
Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves
The outside world is gone, this room is all you'll know
From now until the end, terror stabs you to the bone
The tourniquet's administered, it's only just begun
There's plenty of limbs to remove, I'll savor every one
Squeezing off the veins, cutting off the pain
Drawing out the torture, saw and cut again
Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves
Drinking deep your blood, I'm flying high
Bathing in it as I look you in the eye
Your heart is bursting in your open chest
You'll soon be buried by my hand with all the rest



Appearing like cracked whispers
From desiccated bones
Sulphuric miscreations
Mausoleum torches glow

Spirits from beyond the black
They are three, they are true death
They are Hate, Despair, Disease
Awakened by gore to manifest
Awakened by gore...

Re-open the eyes of the once sleeping dead
The dagger goes into the wound bloody red
Releasing the spectres of yesterday's doomed
Bane of the living, a curse to consume

Hate-a vision of flesh being torn
Despair-demise on the altar of Scorn
Disease-Inflicting the soon to be born
All have been forewarned...
The wind of flies approaches
All once held dear befouled
The earth and sea in ruins
The night alive with howls


Steel, Crimson stained
Blood has been drained
Pain is no more
Dead is your brain

Twist of the knife
Cut short your life
Dread fills my eyes

Rejoice in the Cutting
Rejoice in the cutting, and ripping and flaying
And shredding and tearing and rending and slaying
And screaming and bleeding and slashing and crying
And slicing and pleading and gashing and dying

Reap of veins sprayed on the wall
Horrific wounds, the graveyard calls
Red stalactites slowly drip
From head to toe your skin's been stripped

Mortal wounds blooming wet
The work of the thirsty blade
After the cutting my eyes see death
Layers of meat peeled away

I didn't mean to cut so much
My knife it told me what to do
The darkness came and took my mind
Now all I see are clotting pools



Rotten chunks of meat littered the ground
Gnashing of teeth and slurping sounds
Limbs are missing and torsos crawl
Humanity has begun the final fall
They stop to look at the sky as if an answer will come
Without cause they continue on, as a beating drum

Relentless and forever hungry without eyes to see
Dragging guts behind them as they walk and feed
Forever hungry, never satisfied
Forever hungry, 'til all have died

Ripping and tearing of flesh and bones
The doomed sounds of screams and groans
Succulent meat is eaten raw
Face is gashed, missing the jaw
Entrails pulled for all to share
Torn apart through death's stare


The living are dead, the dead are living
To satisfy the craving they are giving
One by one all will fall
This is the answer to the blood call

Forever hungry


The sun has turned black the shadows have come
Pulverized bones and skulls will be one
The shadows are free, Releasing the plague
All of the venom and volatile hate

Tendrils of darkness
Seeking out souls
Black fangs sinking deep
Eyes like black holes

Dagger filled shadows are cleaving red flesh
Dark paranoia poisons the rest
Minds stripped and raped, flesh strewn in heaps
All thoughts betraying, man's dark side unleashed


Snuffing out light, snuffing out life
Dark tentacles strangling, cranial mangling

Humanity Mirrored in Horror and death
Invoking pure madness and stealing all breath
The wake of the slaughter leaves mountains of limbs
And traces of shadows where all death begins





Lying here in filth and ruin
Watching the spiders weave
Death tones blare behind my eyes
There's less than ever to believe

I've made a trench across each wrist
While roaches skitter madly
Echoes of too many days of life
Grow more silent gradually

Bleeding, seeing, pouring death
A red eternal dream
I conjure paths beyond the veil
It's my blood summoning

Staring at a shattered picture
Despair in every crack
Senses fleeting, heart bursts beating
Drowning in a haze of black


Puncture wounds, self made cocoons
It's too late to return
I plead to darkness, set me free
There's truth in death, I'm ready to learn


Pudtule encrusted, seeping hate
One day it appeared, wretched and glazed

Horrorific orb, lidless and foul
Staring back, parasitic
Twisted and wide, leaking disease
Visual filth, parasitic eye

I cut it out, the wound was deep
Three more emerged, an eye covered freak

[Chorus] (x2)

The mirror smashes along with my mind
Pick up the shards, stab them all blind


As one with the Earth
No light... no life
Deeper you slip
Devoured by darkness

Grave rats scratch
Flesh turns to dust
Maggots squirm
Eyes frozen shut


A portrait of death
Unmoving you are
This soil is your master
These walls are eternal


Let us be stillborn
We're mauled, embalmed, from wombs we're torn
The madness critical
We're charred, diseased, we're funerals
Your vacant coffin waits
Disemboweled, you're maggot bait
For air you vainly gasp
This severed breath will be your last

Can you hear the funeral bell
Ringing in your brain ?
Falling, crawling, casket calling
You're just a mass of burnit decay

There's a hole in your head, your flesh it crawls
The day of bloody slaughter is now
Crusades of darkness, bonesaws rip
The only path is six feet down

Autopsy on your burning corpse
Autopsy, death is your reward

Ravenous freaks and fiends for blood
Plunge you into blackness within
Your rotting face is frozen with fear
As the walls of the coffin close in


Brain damaged, you bathe in flames
Your bowels ripped in a violated grave
Sadistic spilling of blood, you were always about to die
You're full of maggot holes, your corpse it shall not rise
The headless ritual emblazened in the crimson skies

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