Attomica : Limits of Insanity

Thrash Metal / Brazil
(1989 - Cogumelo Records)
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Those people died with no fright
They had no force to fright
These are dangerous arms
We have to spread the alarm.

Technology is on the wrong track
Chemistry has no way back
Nuclear reactors have to stay
They say it's the only way.

They were like nuclear remains
They did not feel pains
There's nothing to say
We're dying each day.

Atomic death

We need laws to punish these dogs
Who put uranium in those rods
Victims died they say that's odd
They never look abroad.

Is the world ready to wait
The damage is done, it's too late
Will nato make up their minds.

Radiation what a lousy creation
They just have a crazy imagination
We're victims of this invention
With lots of tension


In a vision so deep
This dreams starts to creep
I saw a mysterious sight
Twenty years after that night

Visions of an old bent up man
What have these sights, done to me
Worn out and weak
Visions I don't want to seek

This sight looks so real
As old man I feel

Short dreams
Wild screams
Only thing seen
Mist and steam

Earth, heaven and air
Stop with this nightmare
Pictures expressed this day
Of mystery, pain in all ways

Dreams are like decisions
I'm a loser in this vision
I'll be older and keen
It's a small short dream

3. HIGHWAY 401

Highway 401
Madman on the run
Steel machine
Madman has never ben seen
Hit 'n' run
Now the damage is done
Highway 401
It's just a hit 'n' run

Shifting gear doing 105
Madman just wanna drive
Ha gone too far

Highway 401
Just a hit 'n' run
Highway 401
The damage is done - Highway 401

There's no speed limits
Moving fast
Right to infinity
Take care
It's just a game
The end is the same

The thrill to speed
Making the fast lead
The dash-board lights are on
More velocity, come on


Howling in the night
Hear the dogs transmitting fright
Out ont he attack
Traveling in large packs

Their eye shine so bright
Through the dark and lonely night
They're moving along
Dogs howling along

Rabies, danger is starting to show
Rabies, southern winds blow
Wild dogs, no one can find
Wild dogs, runnin' right behind

Terror of this sickness
Seeking for darkness
Wild dogs, in the night breeze
Wild dogs, runnin' in the winter freeze


Your visions are from a manic
It's all a hanting attack
You're a best so dangerous
No remorse, and so vicious

Your hands and feet turned into claws
A horrible creature with huge jaws
Your legs are covered with fish scales
With bat-wings and lizard tail

You don't feel the same
Only living insane

Fight - for your life
Scream - side by side
Run - to where you can in
Die - on the limits of insanity

Visions start to disappear
And you can only hear
"Is it true or fantasy"
Just limits of insanity


Book of the past
A tale told from the past
Voices in the night
Weapons of the Knights

Hearing noises of blowing horns
We won the war by desert storms
Killing, destroying, it's in our vains
And the triumph was our fame

Black warriors last breath
We will torture them to death
Liers beneath flesh and skin
Enough of truth and sin

Knight riders - torturing the liers
Knight riders - in the desert firers
Knight riders - attack survivors
Knight riders - dirty fighters

The swords they received
Was their missing master piece
Knowledge from their kingdom
Was to fight for their freedom

Warriors all fighting strong
Knight riders, riding along
Fight for our land
War in the desert sands


It's a legend from a wise man
An unknown power from another land
Mystery, a game of lies
A new force across the sky

Your only way back is to fight
Kill and hide from the light
You're heading fast to disaster
You've got the power to be the master

Evil Scars - Doors to fortune and fame
Evil Scars - Start your killer game
Evil Scars - You've started there's no way back
EVil Scars - Fight to death it's a hard attack

Torture and kill my enemies
Til' agony they'll pay terribly
Power is what you understood
Evil is never a road to good

It's gone to far
With evil scars
You were locked behind bars of steel
This was the final deal

Power is your only task
Surrender, you'll may never asky
Burn to death in fire
Fooled by somebody wise

8. WD


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