Ashtar (BRA) : Urantia

Folk Metal / Brazil
(2002 - Rock Symphony Records)
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I have given birth to my own children and suckled them.
I welcomed the foreigners and protected them.
I have given hope to princes and buried them inside myself
I too was responsible for the slave, I set him free
And although some have tried to weaken my resolve,
I shall endure, for though my history be stained with misery,
I have known joy and my future is hope.
I come to you, begging you, mercy, my sons
For I am your mother; I am Urantia
She seems to be asleep at this time
Dreaming of realms left behind
Sorrow fills my seas of pain
Fields of grain hit by the rain
Acts of love struglled in vain
Reality fakes in refrain
The misty wind begins to roam
My (our) mother is trying to wake us to grow
Below our feet she wants to be free
From the scars of disonesty
In darkened years of shameful fears
Can we be free from this tragedy
Soon there will be an end
The vanish of all kind
We should open our eyes
Till we still have the time
To save thy land
Sons forgive me
For I am gone
You never tried to be
What I've made you once
"We are not human beings having spiritual experiences,
We are spiritual beings having human experiences"




Seek on stories
Ride the skies
He stole the stars
By staring the night
Eyes on the prism Keep the mist
Druids of Dark skelling black hearts
Release the spell
With crystals held
The world begun
By withering hands
Eyes on the prism Keep the mist
Druids of Dark skelling black hearts
Magic flows thy belic souls
Fight the bravious enemies
Lightning deep ghosts
Reflect the power, believe the prophet
Those sublime races In the highlands of grace




"Farewel to the Highlands, farewell to the north.
The birth-place of valor, the country of worth;
Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,
The hills of the highlands for ever I love"

Old days when will was to be strong,
When mighty great lads fought as one
Through standing stones on hills of trust
Oh bonnie lasses wave goodbye
Their men would seek the highland´s night to trap and kill the nobels´ knights
Honourable brave clans
Fills hearts with courage
Running to be free
Gathered upon brother's blade
Bleeding swords, crimson tears
They will never fear...
Honourable brave clans
Feels hearts with courage
Running to be free
Gathered upon brother's blade
And they sealed their fate
Dying or living, they always win
The children of the mist




Hold oh hours
I believe it
To be broken
I cry for you
...for you
Why I homage truth?
Blink too deep
Forever shattered...
I wonder, where is thy sign?
Coming in gold divine
Forlorn years in solitude
Amidst my shelter I lay
Derelict, I yearn to be sane...
Will I stand and rise again?
How can I know hell is gone?
Can I be sure that I´m alone?
Obsessed by cruelty
Is my soul now free?
Endless trip to hide my mind
From oblivios scars that stil can shine
Held by ancient words they said to me
An infinity, that won´t ever let me be myself
When am I going home - to reality?
When am I going home - to eternity?
When am I going home - to the real me


The foundations of our material world are in the realms of our consciousness.
The physical reality you know, is not eaxctly what it seems to be;
From the first star until the end of all arrives.


Oh, do fall, but save your tears to me
And worship all that has become of me
I think of me but I have seen
It has risen from the sea
Above my eyes with crimson tears
It won't change my suffering
I cannot see, what have I become? Is it real?
Send your last breath, doubt my inocence
Please cry for me, shout for me, die for me
Your savior, has deserted you, won't come back for you!
Don't spear a tear, I can't behold what you feel
Test your sense of desire,
Do want to pass with me?
And as it stares my crooked hands
It laughs at my disgrace
With no sound it points at me
As a blade it strikes my face
Cruel misfortune by awakening regardlessly
Die! Die for me, meet me high above;


The pain and suffering will guide us To our Higherself,
Where we shall see and feel, that there is no fear or struggle;
Only the beauty of the soul.

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