Artillery : When Death Comes

Thrash Metal / Danemark
(2009 - Metal Mind Productions)
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Rise up from the ashes of evil
I had nothing to gain under black wings of freedom
Crawling through the sewer of boredom
Dirt on my hands never answered to no one

Woke up in the middle of nowhere
There was blood on my soul and my mind was stranded
The endless road lay endless before me
Nothing to loose and my flesh was branded

Can you live another lie
Cast away the fear
Live another life
Make my evil disappear

Will you be prepared
Can you ride the snake of doom
Will you not be scared
Control your senses too
Will you be prepared
Can you ride the snake of doom
When death comes sneaking up on you

See me ride away
Feel me led astray
See me ride away
Nothing can make me stay

Shattered dreams and incomplete nightmares
God of lies exorcising my demons
Can i live can i die without reason
The devil himself told me to dream on


In this world of sinners
I am set to rescue you all
My name is salvation
Follow me now and worship my call

In this world of liars
My name is whispered by those with no faith
I can be forgiven
Speak my name, it's never too late
But i am so tired of love revenge is what i need

Feeling trapped inside my cage
The tensions boiling i'm filled with rage
I can never go back to what
I never was before
Please forgive me farther hear
I'm not the image you hold so dear
Electrified crucified
Upon my cross i crawl, and die

Agony is rising
Inside the holyman made from hell
Symphony of angels
Tempting me in my lonely cell

To end this new beginning
I must turn the cross upside down
Sacrifice is vital
I throw my crown down to the ground

The lats days are here
The fallen of the sun
Caress my soul

I will not believe in you
In this world of sinners
I am set to rescue you all
My name is salvation
Follow me now and worship my call

3. 10.000 DEVILS

The struggle you keep within
Pleading not guilty in a world of sin
The voices inside your head
Forever you're chained to the living dead

When the night takes over
And the walls are closing in
You are back in your dirty hole

The dialog you keep within
Possessed by the world of original sin
The empty feeling inside
Forever in debt to the lie of lies

And it feels like the world is ending
And your mind is a torture chamber
It feels like the world is crumbling
And you life is like a train wreck
(And your life is like a screaming,
Bloody, living train wreck)

10.000 devils are pulling you under
10.000 devils are up from below
10.000 devils the spell you are under
10.000 devils screaming words you don't know

The innocence you hide within
Soul searching demon, oh! the place you've been
The ice cold feeling inside
Your mind is a storm only waiting to die


No talk no bullshit no more fooling around
Dismiss all that you're saying
On our journey we're bound
Same lies the same babble
No truth in your words
Your ways and bad attitude
Stick it up where it hurts

We're calling for justice
We're rolling the ball
We will rise above it all

Time to turn on the power time to get into gear
This moment will last forever
There's no reason to fear
Rise up to the challenge
See the phoenix bird fly
Soaring high like an eagle
Always catching your eye

We will rise!


Talking all your nonsense
A child so full of lies
Mindless dumb and stupid
Worthless alibis
All this propaganda
All these wicked games
The patterns on your back
Say you're an ego maniac

Self righteous little wormman
Creating your own truth
Trying to be what you are not
A forgotten misspent youth
Starting up a fire
To provocate a war
Sitting in your sandbox
Acting like a whore

Don't tell me your
Sandbox child philosophy
Don't tell me
You cannot be believed
Don't tell me your
Sandbox child philosophy
Don't tell me
Your lies will be your grave

Terror and lies
You dare not to fight
This is an open invitation to war
Terror and lies
You dare not to fight
One of us is gonna die!
...And it won't be me

You're better left in silence
You're better left alone
No one wants to play with you
Come down from your throne
Your words they have no meaning
Foolish empty whine
Hiding behind your computer
Another asshole standing in line


When the night comes down,
Everyone asleep
I step inside my dream,

Where i'm so unique
Can rule the world
You know there's no retreat

Where i'm everything
Where i'm king

There's no turning back,
Things are outta' control
The dream that never leaves,

You can interfere
With my attitude
So just don't show your fear,

I shall be king
Bells will ring

Delusions of grandeur
Might be what i need
Delusions of grandeur
Might be what we need

Through the barriers,
That was before
I crawl out of my dream,

Should i stay awake,
Or will i give in?
When nothing's what it seems,

I feel everything,
I feel real

Delusions of grandeur,
Might be what i need
Delusions of grandeur
Might be what we need

I feel anger rise,
The dream that never dies
The truth is yet to find,
Trapped inside my mind

Delusions of grandeur
Might just be what i need


When you're lying in your bed at night
And pray that no harm can be done
I am inside your head, i am inside your room

I'm the voice that you will hear

Inside the dark i'm in control
The noise that you hear is so eerie and cold
The master of strings pulling your mind
Twisting and turning your soul is intwined

Outside the world so easy and calm
You feel that there's no one to do you no harm
Mistakes that you make not easy to hide
It's only a matter of time (be) fore you die

So you start to scream !
Wishing this was a dream !

Not a nightmare
Welcome to your life
Not a nightmare
Walking on the edge of a knife
Not a nightmare
Wake up to your life
Not a nightmare
Living on the edge of a knife

The dark will come to you at night !
Devour your soul devour your life !

Now you're lying in your bed again
And know that the sandman's your friend
He is inside your room he is inside your head

He's the voice that you will hear


Your morals are not my morals
Your religion means nothing to me
Your two faced lying high priests of power
Take your gospel stay away from me

Your truth is not my truth
Your point of view means nothing to me
Your double talking jive motherfuckers
Take your bullshit stay away from me

False messiah legions of fire !
Religion is in your blood,
Religions in your head, religion is your drug
Can never get enough

Your twisted rhetoric it takes you higher
The lord you worship is the false messiah
The lives you prey on can't defend themselves
You use them up and make their lives all hell

You cheat and lie you use the weak and poor
Your so called master is a lying whore
Your evil empire is a cancer cell
You too will die and burn forever in hell

Your dreams are not my dreams
Your holy war means nothing to me
Your narrow minded no brain way of thinking
Your damned religion stay away from me


Screaming through the night you wake up from your nightmare
To face the frightening fact that everything is true
Something in the dark waiting for you to move
Then suddenly it strikes and you are lost forevermore

You don't know who's your friends
You don't know where to turn
Just learn to shut your mouth and don't make waves
It's hiding everywhere could be your neighbour
Who keeps the country clean so face the facts or it's Goodbye

Uniform - public servant number one uniform
Uniform - playing with his daddy's gun

Uniform - public servant number one uniform
Uniform - playing with his daddy's gun

Life can be a bitch if you don't know the answers
And you don't wanna fit a sick society
Something they call wealth is justified by egos
But nothing's worth the fact
That you will give your soul away

Uniform - public servant number one uniform
Uniform - playing with his daddy's gun


I sit in silence and watch the world go by
And then i'm knowing that very soon will die
Been here for ages and now the time has come
And everything i love will be dead and gone

Eyes wide open to reality
Getting closer immortality

Close the drapes!
Kiss the hate!
Nurse the pain!

Hatred building up inside his head
This monster is for real alive and sad

When i look up to the sky
I see the world is turning
Down on earth it seems to me we live in fear
When i see a blood red sky
I know the world is burning
Then it's time to realize
The end is near

The fire is burning
Your world stopped turning
Your body is hurting
Infinite pain

Voices are screaming
Can't wake from dreaming
Someone is lurking
In the pitch black dark

There's a war going on inside
And there's nowhere left for you to hide

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