Arion (FIN) : Last of Us

Melodic Power / Finland
(2014 - Ranka Kustannus OY)





Once a wolf in wilderness
Now caged in darkness
Once a child of the wild
Flame burning inside, eyes open wide

Betrayed by my own kind
Displayed in a cage like my father
One day I will break all the chains
And my heart will be harder

Oh! I will become
A hunter once more

Break me, cut me, hate me
Anger within my burning heart
Faster, harder, stronger
Out of the ashes I'll arise
With fire in my eyes

Inside these four walls
I've wept and I've crawled
They have tainted my dream and
Taken my pride, but I'm alive

In my cell I've been lying
So long in the dark I've been hiding
But now I'll break out of my cage
And my light will be shining


Be still my bleeding heart
For we have come so far
And life's about to change

While home it was so near
The road became our trail of tears

Is there anything that's permanent
Why everything that's beautiful must end

I'd give anything if everything came back again
But now I have to face reality and rthough
All the years and all the tears were worth the pain
I rule the ruins of what we had
For seven days heaven will cry your name

Once written in the stars
This tale was only ours but now
We've reached The End of our tragedy

A funeral of dreams
A future tearing at the seams
It's time to say our last goodbyes

All there's left to do is take a bow
But when I leave I want my scars to show


When I'm down and out
When I'm on my knees
When I've been beaten to the ground
Stand over me
Watch me bleed

Always left untold
What lies underneath
While your hands so strong, yet cold
Held me so tight I could not breathe

You're my ray of light darker than the night
You're the tears I cry
You're the cross and I'm the Christ

Like the others
I will deny everything
Every flaw and every sin
How I need you
Though I always knew
That the dream will would never last
I can not change the past
In my nightmares I'm with you

There is no applause
While this curtain falls
We're hand in hand, we're side by side
I am your groom and you're my bride

From your cold red lips I will drink the wine
Just to feel alive
I must learn to say goodbye


Late at night no one's around
Take off the mask and lose the crown
Feeling helpless and so alone

All that you lost, all that is cost
Friends who left when needed most
They're all gone now, all but one

If you open your heart and lay here next to me
We can lie here in silence, together complete
I'm your song and you're my melody

Let me in, let me close
I can take your highs and lows
Let me hold you, my winter rose

Let them flow, let them go
Let your tears dance on the snow
Let me save your from the undertow

For me you're all that I need

If you open your heart and lay here next to me
We can lie here in silence, together complete

If the road feels too long to make it on your own
I will show you the way, I will carry you home
I'm your song and you're my melody

When you need a friend I'll be there until the end
I will never let you down
When you need a hand, someone who understands
I'm by your side, heart to heart and eye to eye


All my life I have been a pariah, an outcast
Sailing on, crossing oceans while cursing the shore
Forsaken and ignored

The choices I made
The pride that I paid
All that I gave was all in vain

In silence I've suffered, awaiting the tide
I've waited so long but now it is time

Alive, I'll rise stronger than before
Through the wind and through the rain
I have found my way

Tonight the skies are darker than before
Come rain, come fear and pain
Now you are the ship lost at sea and I'm the storm

I've arrived like a tempest of hate, raging
You shall learn you will pay for for your sins and
you learn
All you live will burn

I am the wind, I am the rain
I am the anger, I'm the pain

Like ire of the oceans I reign over thee
My siren of vengeance show me the way


When days are growing dark
Dreams fall apart and hopes are fading
When fear is in your heart
And tomorrow wears the mask of tragedy

You'll learn what to burn
What you need and what you should leave behind
You'll know that everything else must go
Slow down, your home is where your heart is and this
Life is just a ride
It's a lie

One life, one chance, one strife
You're a flame that can burn so bright
So shine before you fade into the night

You fall, you crawl, before
You will learn to stand tall
No turning back, there is no retreat
Leave the past behind and burn your ship

Be proud of all your sears
The symbols of strength that brought you here
Keep reaching for the stars
The road can be long but you have come far

Let all your misery fade away
The mistake you've made shall burn today

Past is but a pyre left behind
It must burn, leave the ashes where they lie


So brittle and broken,
loved only in her prayers
A little girl lies in her bed,
hears footsteps on the stairs
So hollow and hopeless
Her sleepless night awaits
Like a twisted dream where
love takes a violent shape

So lost

She tries to live
Forget, forgive
So filled with fear
"Please take me away, out of here"
Her destination is salvation
She's not lost

She buries the sorrow,
dries every tear that falls
Her pain keeps fading
until there's nothing,
'til she doesn't hurt at all
An angel calls her and
she's no longer weak
"Child take my hand
and fly away with me"


You'll learn to live
Forget, forgive
I'm always near
I'll take you away, out of here
Our destination is salvation
You're not lost


Winter night, hours of black and white
Haunted road with slowly fading footprints in
the snow

Fallen trees, as far as I can see
Dreadful destruction near complete
Will be soon forever sealed

Our world is the place it should not be
And I believe we have destroyed our dream

What have we done?
Now all we had is gone
We've lied, we've stayed alive
We have drowned, we've sold our pride
What have we done?
We've cried for thousand nights
When the last candle dies
We'll be waiting for sunrise
One last time

Pointless war, era of peace was torn
Like before, In the end there's no one on the throne

We let go, no one cared anymore
Then we forgot all we stood for
Set on fire our land adored

Is there a reason why we've fought?
And once more pride comes before the fall

After sinless blood's been sacrificed
The earth will be purified
Our appetite now satisfied
(but never justified)
Light up the last candle and let it burn bright


Priceless, you think you're flawless
You'd sell your soul for the fortune and the fame
Useless, you are so worthless
A human stain that we need to wash away

There is no price that you won't pay
No part that you won't play
You need to make it so the page today 'cause
Your story has been told
Your soul already sold
The truth so cold it makes you kneel and crawl
I'll enjoy watching you fall

Ruthless, you are so hopeless
do what it takes just to make it to the page
Famous for being so famous
It's all the same, everyone knows your name

Your beauty is fleeting and fame will fade fast
The life you are leading, the shadow you cast
You're no one, mean nothing at all
All that you were never mattered anyway

All that you are is a portrait of years of decline
Treated with blood and tears, the lies,
The pride sacrificed
Your fall will be fast and we will forget you
We've all grown to hate you
And sooner or later you will hate you too

You're dead to the world
You can't even look yourself in the eye
You're dead to the world

Don't pretend, you're dead to the world
You've made your bed and in it you'll lie
You're dead to the world
This is the end

Don't pretend, you'll never be on the page again
This is the end, you'll never make it again
You're dead to the world

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