Age Of Nemesis : Psychogeist

Metal Progressif / Hongrie
(2006 - Magna Carta)
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Rain pelts down all over the city
Tearing down its merciless streets...
A woman desperate for some answers
The empty years and wretched blues...

Passed with some recent news
But the fear of the unknown still stalks her mind

There's a house way down the road - and fate's door
It's a house - not a home - Death awaits - on its own
There's nothing more...
Just a half dead kid and his father's corpse

The Boy was tortured here
The evidence all makes that clear
Mommy kneels n'
holds him terribly near

Every question needs a word - for comfort
December's door's ajar - and it's the only path
The rhythm of the past - won't get you very far
December's door's ajar - no light shines in it's path
It's increasingly harsh - and increasingly daft
While the door is still ajar - I'm frightened!!

You saved me
from my worst nightmare
Save me from myself!!!


No light do my eyes see - Greyness locks me in my room
Surrounding me like a ghost of doom
No sound for my ears to hear - Daddy abruptly yells at me
Mud in my brain -and water in my ear

No body here with me...

No one I could call near - Maybe an image within my mind
Mommy just waits n' hopes I'm fine
Shadows, such a cold dream - And as the blood beats in my ear
I wish I could leave my body here

Now there's no remedy
No flaw in this theory
No flaw, but destiny
Will kill you, you'll see
You sent me through permanently
There'll be no more agony...

Lying here dying is a jerk, who only lived for his work
He didn't spare anyone, or anything
The power he created turned against him and took everything...
...Foolish pallid shadow
Like a strange toy on a shelf which fate built
...And could there possibly be no explanation,
Just humiliation, or degradation...?!


I'm restless every night,
my heart's on fire
My life's on the line and I know why...
While I'm just a number in a file
I'll not rest in peace till let me die

Everywhere I look a spy -
Watch out or you'll soon be surprised...
I dread that I'm alive...
Waiting 'til the force arrives -
It's coming in disguise
When it indignifies...

I wanna go where things don't torment my mind
I jump up when I hear a noise at night
Yes, my - even my friends
may take a side
Silence kills - n' makes me
think of suicide...

Like clouds above the waves
The wind above the lake
Like liberated prey
I'll disappear and fly away

Fly away - like clouds
above the waves.


It's gone by - yesterday passed in the night
Don't you cry - the horror's gone n' taken flight

I draw you near me, shielded by the light
Like when I carried you for months beneath my heart
I feel you touch me, but I haven't got a clue
Just how to help you
Oh, if I could only help you...

Come here, help me
Touch me or speak to me
There's no one left for me...!!!

Your body's just a grave, but where has your soul gone?
You're in another world...
Embrace me, hold me near
No, your silence can't take you away from me
See? Mommy's crying... If you hear me at all...

Come here, help me
Touch me or speak to me
There's no one left for me now...!

Forget the theory that rewrote your destiny
Summer's upon us, but your soul can't see
Come here and help me please, listen your mamma's plea
Open up, look at me, or you'll never be free!

You must live your life now - live your life!


The window that looks back in anger...
The stairs here that lean to the side...
The shadow that lives in the darkness...
Where no compassion resides...

The PSYCHE, soaring through the cold dark night
Blood whirlpool, wherever it flies...

All those who hurt me will be doomed...
Who entombed me within the grey room...
And when I'm finished with all them...
I'll have to go and join them...

The PSYCHE, soaring through the cold dark night
Blood whirlpool, wherever it flies


Listen to me, heed my plea
Forget 'bout your bloody dream
There's no one else left for me
N' no one else you can believe

If you lock the door now - the light will find you here
If you leave this path now - you'll come on home to me

Listen now to your mother
Let's defeat death together!

If you lock the door now - the light will find you here
If you leave this path now - you'll come on home to me
Go and lock the door now - n' the light will find you here
Go and leave this path now - n' you'll come on home to me

...Everything begins to shudder,
icy horror devastates with doom
Objects exploding everywhere,
and the wind howls through the room...

I think I can hear you, but I can't see you Mother
Revenge has made me completely blind
But in my heart I feel a strange and warmish light
Maybe you could be my sight!

Fly away...
Fly away - like clouds above the waves!


Maybe we should regard - the rhythm of the past
December's door's a lark - forget it, there's no path
It's locked and bolted fast - a mem'ry of the past
No longer is it harsh - It's nothing but a laugh!

Now the door is bolted fast -





Feral, twisting illusion
Surrounding everywhere, where're it goes

Oh you wonderful desire
Shedding your skin you're always reborn again

Millions bow their heads 'n pray
Falling before your mystifying gaze
They see the blessing in your eyes
Salvation n' your second- sight!

Don't believe the lies
About its awesome eyes
You're being enticed
Trust me it's nothing but hype


Shadow: that's never seen a ray of light...
Waiting for what my fate provides...
I feel that rules don't count for much now...
I see my image blur n' fade out...

Fly, let your thoughts fly!
Life is full of strife!
Harmful schemings...Lethal dealings...
Final nightmare... A few more light-years...!

The Lord up above us - amidst all his doubts!
N' man down here on earth - where demons abound!
The innocent new souls - the eternally damned...
Absorb all the violence and hate in the land!

The Spirit is dead now, so ' s Hope and Belief!
No reason to feel now, no reason for grief!
This was our Karma, now kiss it goodbye...
Above us the sky flies relentlessly by...!

Thousands of years have just gone down the drain!
Ten thousand more would be only in vain!
We've all learnt nothing n' sadly man's still blind!
Now he could rise from his ashes unseen...
Learn something new from his hideous dreams...
But he'd rather turn his back on his kind!

Harmful schemings...Lethal dealings...
Final nightmare...A few more light-years!

The Karma cycle's taken flight:
Off it goes towards the sky!
The final scene, when all is done:
The Earth departing t'wards the Sun!


Beseeching hand yearns to be blessed
Wild hungry passion, rueful request

While the fire within me howls
Which ain't the light it seemed 'till now...
From the earth here towards the sky
Twisting like eternal life

I want everything, there's no much to choose
Good or evil, there's nothing I'd refuse
Millions left me, now I'm all alone and
You outcast me from the holy land

They went and blamed me for the Archons failings
I wear the burden, but I don't like the feeling
Earthly desires no longer make my head swell
I am no longer frightened by the gates of hell!

All the doors are shut tight
The memory turned out white
Words without forgiveness
The curse tears me to pieces

Midnight, shimmering moonlight
Here I bath in its light...
Waiting to behold a redeeming sign
Should my soul be bad or good I just can't decide



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