Accidental Suicide (USA) : Deceased



Scaling the woods
Delighting hunger
Let the famine escape
From which you condone
Eating the
Shredded carcass
Devour marrow break the bones

Nocturnal cannibalistic
Grotesque realistic
End the optimistic
Blood lust relinquished

Frenzy through the flesh
Revel with your prize
Blood soars through the air
As you eat it alive

Surging convulsions
Spastically screaming
Devour flesh endlessly bruised lapping
And licking
Gulping and guzzling
Its red salty juice

Rip through the meat
Teeth used as a saw
Tearing and mulching flesh
Eat human raw

Bite off the tongue
Suck out its eyes
Break off its hands
And removal of its thighs

Eat your human pray
Its life means the least
Rejoice in its blood
Food for you the beast


Kill me kill me now

My mind is flashing
Iridescent shades of red
Watching me dying
Fantastic dream in my head

Why must i live
Its my choice
By right i should die
Repeated reasoning
Then i think maybe i should try

Edge of my silver
Gleams from the light
My mind screams this is the night

Curse me and let me die
I screeach out loud
"release me" i hate this life
You must let me go

First shaving of flesh and meat
Hangs from my arm

Watching my blood spurt and spill
Makes me grow alarmed

Halfway is not good enough
I cant bear this pain
Red is splashing now silently like rain

Twirling and twisting
I feel dizziness
My throat swells up
Not only is there chunks and blood
And now i vomit-i threw up

This horrid mess im creating
A sight i must endure
To exit life and enter death
This is my cure

Seeing my blood dance down walls
Tears stream down my face
I watch in awe

A collage of frenzied and confused thoughts
Saliva meets blood as it strings from my jaw

Kill me kill me now

Cure me and let me die
I screeach out loud
"release me" i hate my life
Fuck off world
Now i go


Mate with lifeless pulp
Disfigured mass
Carnal clots to gulp
While inside its ass
Hands grappling its heart
As i munch its lard

Lying limp and twisted
Diseased ripe with rot
The sight still makes me hungry
So i dig through the slop

Organs grey and bland
Corpse tattered and old
Mucus strings to my hand
From the organ i unfold
Bile fountain spirals through the air
Ill clotted blood exudes

Laced with worms leeches snails
I swallow the gleety gritty ooze

Lying limp and twisted
Diseased ripe with rot
The sight still makes me hungry
So i dig through the slop

This formless mangled cadaver
Unidentifyable bulk of mush
Morbid meal of indulgence
With joy i begin to blush
With content i wipe my lips
Delicious human treat
My footing constantly slips
From the mess under my feet


Blood and plasma
Pool on the ground
Insides twisting
Hanging and strung about
Incredible gore
Meat festival before your eyes
Nausea engulfs yourself
Boneless corpses overbloat
What youve seen
Youll never tell
Youll be next to go

Youre dying before death
Visualising your body
Torn like the rest

Blood soaked and confused
Witnessing bodies cut in two
Intestines looped from the ceiling
Blood flows from
The flesh their peeling
Clots of blood hang from the blades
Welcome to the flesh parade


Life in my vessels
Twinging through my veins
Existing on my capillaries
Brings excruciating pain

Gnawing through joints
Devouring cartilage
Animated cadaver
Walking carcass

Brain resumes normal thought
While it breeds in my system
Being dead and yet alive
Rigormortis coma like condition

This body moves without me
Locks me in my mind
What is it inside me
Strangulates circulates wont unbind

Pus is seeping
With my blood from inside
Oozing and spraying
Its pouring from my eyes
Nerve contractions
Neurons jolt my anguished mind
The way to kill it
I cant fucking find

I live on in uncontrol
With my dreaded unknown
Cannot scream or yell
My tongue is in my throat
Gagging and hacking
I sit in state of confusion
A dire need to escape
From the waiting for the end


Destroy the shit
Exterminate by choice
No detection of fear
In your voice

Vile filth
Useless beings
Sifting through
Lifes bad genes

Spilling blood
Breaking necks
Bring the rats
To their death

Piercing bullets
Exit tattered hide
Knife punctured organs
Hemorrhage from inside
Pull the cord
Constricting her neck
The life in her eyes
Is fading quick

Their disease is life
For this they must die
And until they go
I will stare into their eyes

Vile filth
Useless beings
Sifting through
Lifes bad genes

Spilling blood
Breaking necks
Bring the rats
To their death


Dying leave your form
Let inner demon be reborn
Life long practice of hate

Sure undenial at hells gate
Pillars of flesh and stone
Marks the entrance to his throne
Walls of blood screams of terror
Scents of death in the air

Oceans of blood
Infectious world
Demons strobe across the sky
Day is dark
To be reborn first you must die

Morbid forests
Rampid disease
Guts and meat hang from the trees
Make you course
Through rancid smell
Youve found its source
Welcome to hell


Entrails turning move about
Strangulating intestines entanglement
Foreseeing encouring motivate my death
Tear me from myself

Oragns twisting embrace my neck
Challenging insides killing myself
Withholding securing limit my breath
Conquered and restrained in their hell

Twining up to
Crossed glazed eyes
Strain of escaping life is felt
Blood and tears
Burst from my eyes
In shock of death i am dealt
Im gnawing through the intestines
That cross my mouth
I taste feces flowing to my throat
Elongated liver passes
Between my teeth
Horrific scenery
Body cavity explodes

Scattered are my guts
They move with their own life
As they grasp upon me
They embrace me to end my life

Persist to crush my skull
Lungs collapse out of breath
Life escapes to desert me
Peace in my death
Internal mutilation
Death cold and pale
Organ induced suffocation
Homicidal entrails


Neck gouged
Bleeding profuse
Shifted neck
From the noose
Pale is my
Dying face
The search for death
That i engage

Throat squirting red
Deep and looping
Grasping on the air
Flying to the walls and dripping
Neck luminated and pulsing
Soaked with a scarlet glaze
Twitching and squirting
Drops frip from the ceiling
To my face

The black i seek
In deaths name
To relieve despair
And my pain
Swallow and swallow
Sucking down my blood
To save my trachea
From the suicidal flood

Desire of my black dream
Reaching out i cannot sieze
Knowing i want to die
I want to be deceased

Trapped in this cold room
Getting closer to the dream
Through my mulched wounds
Body heat released in steam
Cold skin glistening
Warmed by showered blood
Red river flows from me
My sea of shimmering blood


Thirty one years in the making
Trails of littered dead
From ohio to wisconsin
His trophies are their heads
At eighteen years of age
He made his first kill
Invite him in for a beer
Leave him never will

Dominant thrill
Defy the weak
The addicting kill
Stench horrid odor
Rampant in his room
If his walls could talk
Theyd tell tales of doom

Littered limbs
Scattered room to room
Asystole fibrilation
To remove
The victims soul
Hopes of consumption

His molesting as he drugs
Crying slowly close your eyes
Bloody soaked smelly rugs
Now is time for you to die

Gays minorites
Satisfy his morbid kill
In his refrigerator
Body parts he chills

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