Abominator : The Eternal Conflagration

Black Death / Australie
(2006 - Displeased Records)
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To the point of the absurd, Slaughtered and writhed in
Absorb the primordial energy from the ritual mutilation
Within beastlike souls, the circle of fire intensifies
Pre-ordained, by the moon you're slain, for the dark one's gratification

Stakes aflame, releasing the stench of eternal life
Bleed in sorrow as you suffer a nocturnal death

Chosen to indignate, flesh turns black, cries of anguish and pain
Satiated lord of the ritual, rising from the seal again
Blessed are you to observe this bizarre attention
Piercing the genitalia over a chalice for the blood's retention

Bleed in sorrow as you suffer a noctunal death!

Enraptured by the torture, you stoke the fire again
Branding your lacerated flesh with the ultimate symbol of pain
Spirit worship insane

Sharpened stone to the skin, marking ourselves to this death
Such macabre remembrance of the victim's dying breath
Satan is nature in all of its girth, eternally soiling blood into the earth

Stakes aflame, releasing the eternal curse
Bleed in sorrow for the sacrificial creed

Damned we are, incorrigible termination
Dead we shall be, horrific mind consumption


Behold your crumbling temple, the ark is now defiled
Gnostic rise, evanescent cries, all must die!

Enter the hammer, bloodthirsty pillager, sacramental barbarism
Stone excalibur, set upon the church, a cardinal catalysm

We are warriors from a sect of forgotten heathen grandeur
For now we must dwell in infamy and sin

Hellish onslaught, monuments erased, decimated altar of false sermons
Enigmatic successors, inferior oppressors
Come forth to rectify with the bludgeons attack

From discontent we reclaim our destiny
Toburn the rightfully spurned, seeded by hate
Strike the earth with our venomous talons
A fiery line between sanctification and sin

Engraving the new law of defilement, seized from smouldering ruins
Ark of gold molten for embezzlement, may the devil charge forth

Tremendous fall, priest's head nailed to the wall
We charge through the gates, sworn to desecrate
Leaving the scarred remains, a communion in flames
Catatonic hammer, this prophecy of punishment
Unbound in many a tarnished age

Desecrator of sanctuary

Behold your frivolous ornaments, reduced to scattered nothingness
A graveyard now accumulates where superfluous structures once stood

Congregation flees in terror, engulfed in burning drapes
Obscene harmonies of the choir, shrieking in dismay
Mercy killing, douse with acidic words and sulfurous flames

Cursing the cross, trample and burn
Besiege all temples with sempiternal hatred
Inverted mission, vengeful perdition, the christian fools now flagellated


Now arriving, a seditious age, prophecies to end your old ways,
The unearthly, the vengeful swarm,
Consuming the land to bring about the end of days

Supreme superion, the wisest of all beings,
I shall summon forth in myself with this disease
I shall propagate seeds of war and unrest
May Satan charge ahead with its quest

Crave the fire, Savour the fury

Subliminal sacrifice I have made
My talons sever the skies like burning blades
Vortex of anger shall focal the dark storm
The beast of vindication has formed

Disseminate destruction, tantamount to liberation
Worship wings that spread this diabolical darkness

Our fort shall remain, as the voracious cyclone carves the chosen path
Fate of lesser establishments sealed, our blood signs your epitaph

Blood flows forth, revealing truth obscene
My exultation invoking demons unseen
Reducing cities to rubble and dust with ease
Redeeming the ancients deep beneath the seas
Reign of flames and squalor cast on thee
Circle of deceivers personified as the elite
Lay to waste all those who shant see!

Vigil of serpents, herald a glorious ascension
Empowered sons, obviate the glare of holocaust
Seen by the cosmic eyes

Sodomize the faith, ghouls tear down the obstruction
Distant hordes stampede, to slaughter the vermin of faith
Institutions felled, sanctified by tremors

Overshadowed by an ominous treachery
The shackles of corrupt tetrarchy
Summon the architect of cyclic anarchy
Sabotage with inorexable savagery


Forbidden entrancement by the mighty necronomicon, Crowley
A dismal recitation, the names of all consuming beasts

Taken the oath, in rituals of tortured screams
Subconscious invocation to a landscape of tormented dreams
Seeking pentagrams, embedded in sleep, in sacred walls of flesh and coal
The dungeons of necromancy, blood filled maze of insanity

Winds of black vortex, draw me towards the abyss
Brought forth to the urn to drink the filth of immoral bliss
Pentagrams bleeding, souls petrified, gathered at the styx, demonified

I sleep within the pyramid, in dreamscapes apparitions become active
Penetrating the columnar wave
Dark influence on the soul, body flaccid

Departure from life without sorrow, ensnared by Baalberith
Witnessed his lust for infanticide, stared into his murky eyes
Descent into purgatory

Red lava, the trepidation of molten streams
Blood sculpture, the haunting claustrophobic proximity
Black waters, drowning me in inverted dreams
Insane maze, sarcarium tormentum

Convoluted soulflight, astralic nightmare, immortality or cease
Subterranean voyages obscene
As a sacrificed infant bearing ancient breath
Horrific scenery, the stare of grim faces
Embedded in the halls of twisted flesh

Drawing nearer to the snarling awoken
All of my past wounds bleed afresh
Led to an enclave of dismay
Forced to taste a gruel of my own flesh

I dream within the tomb, abandoned to sarcarium tormentum

Asral entanglement, where the stars and hell converge,
Unknown curse of Cheops compels my morbid urge to self immolate and burn!


Murder! Strife! Insurgent souls, Rise!

Exert the catalyst war, challenge of restless hate
Mass dissention calls, unfurled from the fiery gates
Blessed by sermons of filth, idols resume their wraith
Released from subconscious slumber, uphold the goal of blackened faith

Warnings come too late, blinded by myopic reckonings

Enlightened by deprivation, the iconoclast rules the day,
But chained in incarceration, the beast of slavation was enslaved
Rage with every lie seen, the sight of false societies

Feeble populace conformed, I'm never short of enemies...

Satanic minions swarm to form a trojan horse
Storming through the tides of inferno
Trampling of a sickening race
Repel the pious curse, destruction of grace

Rhetoric of wretched followers, verbal defecate
My sword casts the first blow, lambs of god slain and raped
Blaspheme the towering walls of the foul conglomerate
Spill blood on the pulpit, consume with flames, incinerate!

Warning is too late, extinction the deliberation

Dawn brings no tranquility, continue the endless slaughtering,
Every last drop of humanity's blood shall soil this infected planet!


Suffer the earth!

Elite powers, wretched beings, using the elements to suppress me
Grasping the earth with their stranglehold of malevolence
The hordes of plutocracy, feed on the nature of hypocrisy
Unable to contain the malignant eroding world decay

Whips strike the worthless, arbitrary cruelty
Resistance is futile, surrender or die!

Breeding untold bitterness, darkest disillusion
Stab at their hearts with brimstone resolve
Spit in the face of irreversible destiny

Global deception in withered moral enslavement

Subjugate our hope, wrongful abuse of power
Their motives an inferno, illuminating our final hour

The darkness shall soon have its way, by stealth you will obey
Leading us to a chasm world grave,
Tyrants on your warpath, you're enslaved!

Coersed into madness, a fictional discipline march
Plunging us headlong into oblivion
Lucifer enflame our pride, repe their souls in time
Storm of retribution in the skies, expose their flagging altruistic lies

Enforcing invisible beasts, bringing us to the brink
Axis of cosmic chaos and death, end this immediately

The corpses of plutocracy, succumb to armageddon's ferocity
By the scars in your bloodstained hands, defy this dead world command

Psychic genocide, resolve of the tyrants, last attempt to suffocate dissent
Slaves admonished to a catastrophic end

Tyrants on your warpath, serve in pain!

Lucifer enflame our pride, rape their insipid souls in time
Storm of retribution in our eyes, reign the sulfur from the skies!
New world imperium is here, SUFFER!


The battery has begun, Legions of the sworn shall rise
Proclaim with unparalleled demonic rage
Eternal duality, an omni-present reality
Restoration of Lucifer and his enlightened age

Movement of hatred advances in waves of black
Collective goal, Jehovah's dethronement
Congregation of soul soiling with conquests foul
Conflagration of ashclouds darkens the firmament

Batallions of light and dark, on the armageddon path
Emerging from the clouds, the grimace of the antagonist

We yearn to bask in the fading of a willing and weak dead lord
Paled into discontinuity, eternally
Exiled recollection, tumult of the unavenged
Feasting with apocalyptic retaliation

Immemorial nemesis, I am sworn to writhe with the tempest!

In death dimensions, hosts the aggressor,
Satan summons his legendary scorner
Heaven is burning, blackest of nights,
Tempered weapons striking with heretic might!

Batallions of light and dark, on the armageddon path
Emerging from the clouds, the grimace of the antagonist,
Revel in disgrace, resplendent in the flames
For I am he, the embodiment of pure evil

An all pervasive manifestation, a conflict imposed on all dimensions
When the hordes clash in mid-flight, so begins the eternal conflagration
Beware the celestial destroyer, flickering our candle in solar winds
Extinguished by descendings of the beast, superior entity arrives in the scene
Baphomet, Master!
Androgynous goat comes forth, with wisdom spurned by mere mortals
To re-align the sphere, to interrogate,
And to cleanse the poisoned bloodline of rulers
Truth in disguise, erupt to heave the throne

In death dimension, hosts the aggressor, Satan reveals his mighty revolter
Heaven is blackened, joyous night, tempered movement, victory in sight!

Swooping on angels, targets for entrapment,
Swept aside by volatile swords of liberty
Movement of hatred advances in waves of black
Collective goal, Jehovah's kingdom smoldering!


The ocean is boiling, in spite of the black dawn
The silvery gleam of destroyers, conjures the terror of the hellfire storm
Advance with all cannons blazing signifying our arrival
Leave no shore unassailed, we enforce this fight for survival

Machiavellian order, exterminate, the feeble race,
Expelled from the earth with hate!
Approaching the land, the first wave of panzers,
Civilian shellings, reduced to a global wasteland

Echelons of the infernal world, direct the evil living dead
Torching the banner of peace, to spirit wars we are dead,
Balance tipped once and for all to a new world scarce and brave
Religions and systems burnt forever, and no one left worth being saved


Wanton destruction upon the earth plain
No dreadnought could ravage our resolve
The armada's formation shall neutralize all deterrents
As the end comes from the sea, Waves of blood and oil prevalent

Obsessed horders rise, destroy this world of lies

Devilish mass psychosis, swelling genocidal intentions
Entranced by oceans of blood, activate the unholy intervention

Indignified infantilism, blessed us this tragic verdict
Legions of untimely demise, raise the gavel of tectonic order
Atomic detonations, the hand of evil in such devastating form
The world stops turning, its axis lifted by tumultuous firestorms

The world is relinquished, the final bombardment is done
Rejoice this tribulation, hellfire armada has won!

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