Abigor : Totschläger (A Saintslayer's Songbook)

Black Metal / Austria
(2020 - World Terror Committee (WTC))
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From the sordid womb of babylon
Against the army of tetragrammaton

See them rise

The sons of darkness and earthbred slaves
United in battle they rise from their graves

See them rise

Against the holy kings of israel
For the glory of samael

See them rise

Tartaros spits forth unholy nephilim
Commanded to slaughter all seraphim

From the pits into the fire
From the depths into the eternal night
From the end sources new impulse
From victory arises... doom

Flame-bearing warriors of gehenna
Megiddian troops of the morning star

See them rise

Incitement to divine termination
For a sinister man-god-procreation

See them rise
The ancient rebellion proceeds


...And from the burial ground
Of timeless dread I call

Erect it stands
A spear without end
And a sunken monument

Spirit trapped in stone
And millions of bones
Silently... they still moan

He hears your voice
He feels your pain
He reaps your soul
And unfetters those bearing
The mark of cain

King of tombs
Master of towers

Reaping father
Thorn-crowned murderer
Guardian of the unlight

Fall from the tower
Into bottomless tombs
Usurping all worlds, here and beyond
Through circling dimensions we roam

Unearthing treasures, unlocking keys
We rise above the earth's ashen genome

Triumph of mind over
Vengeance of matter
The codebreaker's infinite bliss

Primeval instinct, old spheres collapse
Flee from the circling
Serpent's menacing hiss


The lawless battleground of the soul
Knows neither fame nor mercy
We're the brood of wolves and witches
Born with the urge to devastate
Destined for eternity

Diabolische gewalt
Sein siegel auf unseren fahnen
Satanisches aufbegehren
Überwindbar jede knechtschaft
Luziferianisches wissen
Unauslöschlich brennt ein feuer in uns

Sieg oder tod

When all worship is done
When all candles burned down
Sacred daggers filled our silver cups with blood
Drink up!
Now it's time
To claw at knife and sword again

Es droht die schlacht
Zehntausend qualen voraus
Es winkt die not
Entbehrung und beständigkeit
Doch halte aus
Dass nie vergeht die flamme

Sieg oder tod



Liberated spirits weren't born
But without moral shackles
A path chosen willfully
Banes ahead
Rotten womb of life destroyed
Free to break the seal

Flesh and spirit consumed
Bloodless vessel left on withered earth
Atrocious, cold and silent
Like the dead light of the moon
I am always near

By the hand of death - master of your faith
With the sands of time - you are mine
Not through blood you live
But your life you give
Your soul set free - walk with me

The sleep of reason bears inhuman clarity
The darkest abysses of the mind enforce barbarity
Depraved, perished and foul
But flowers, kands forlorn
Where the seed is spread to sprawl

Sweet cruelty rapes and scorns
Hope destroyed and all innocence torn
By the saint of murder

The high priest of death


Eclipse the sun of eternal stagnation
Arcane darkness overshadows all creation
Upward coils the path of damnation
He crowned us kings of wolves

Praise the lord - praise the devil

We cut our roots and face chaos
No redemption on knees
There's more dominions to seize

Hail the lord - hail the devil

There is no cosmic order
The paradox black cosmos is
The antithesis to nature and earth
The end of physique is the key
To Genesis reversals
Between the stars of burning angels
Hidden somewhere out there
Chaos is right here and unfolds
Before our blinded eye

Singular demons rust time
And swallow all worlds
Invisible dragons
Consume your vigilance
While your mind is focused
On illusions and false doctrines

Ensnared in the trappings
Of a mundane farce
Golden cage imprisonment
Bound by empyrean spell
Horns lurk beyond the stars
If you bow to the principles of hell

Who claims to control chaos
Is the enemy of chaos
Conscious gain is just a grain
In the hourglass of Satan
The heterodoxy of ancient evil
Found in the core of all things
For those who see
Supreme is he


...When the horned reveals his vulnerability
And opens wide the wound to flood the old reality

Disruption of worlds and thoughts

Come, nightfall - sempiternal
Heading beyond infinity

Inside and outside merge into one
When the horned reveals his vulnerability
And opens wide the wound to flood the old reality

Flickering stars drown in the rivers of blood
Pale corpses emanate light
Without remorse and without fear stride ahead
Follow the pointed lance of the demon knight

Guiding the nameless, guiding the dead
Leading the speechless into strange worlds ahead

Into darkness, through nine hells
Breaking chains, cracking shells
Onward to shores - far, far away

From nought into nothingness
To chaos and structurelessness
And all absence dominance
A futuile extinction of souls

We remain - only we remain


Voices of siren-like songs
Are sounding to deafen our senses
But azazel's thundering roars
Reverberate from our unconscious
Against the wake of oblivion's drift

On charon's ferry
we navigate on pilgrims' fiery path
Through the nethermost waters
Where life's erratic streams
End up in oceans of deathless gloom

Dulcet choirs call
From beds of heavenly halls
From below, pounding wardrums
Down angelic whores
Horns echo down through
Nekromanteion's tunnels
To the realms behind the gates of sleep
Where the gods fall, titans wail, saints weep
Let the cruel bell of ruination ring aloud!

On charon's ferry
Through the nethermost waters

We nurture the stimulus
Driving all man
Further down into hades
Where all chthonic streams unite
From cavernous depths
Buried within our minds
Erupt the fountains
Of our conless striving


Hear my call
Come to me
I'm the shadow
The endless sea
I am all
The arcane foe
Come to me

Putrid breath
Always near
Words like knives
Thrust into thee
Thoughts like spears
Pierce your soul
Draw closer to me

I'm the thorn
In your side
Raging storm
To clear your sight
Join the swarm
Race forlorn
Come, eternal night

Not every soul descended fom my seed
Not every bone is prone to putrefaction
Unfaithful aspirations into diabolic realms
Are doomed to drown in my flood of wrath

Reversed god-moulded images
False luciferian mimesis
Inbred forgery
Infamy and heresy

Approach your fears
Across the five purging rivers of tears
All pretenders on the holy path
Washed into the void

By a flood of wrath


Driving deep down the lance of darkness
Into the hearts of all clean and pure
Blessed souls, one by one they're confronted
With the terror troops under his command

And they fear the noble duke's grim countenance
And they flinch his sullen face

He brings the great coldness of hearts

When ере canons of the lawful thunder
And the lightnings of the just crash down
We stand in line and hoist the flag of darkness
Only push forward the sheep into the pit

We have summoned sinister forces
Bonded with demonic aristocracy
Infernal law raised up on earth
Cursed in the seed of his enemy

Abigor rising, eligos ascending

Our spirit crossed the desert
Ancient blood flows from our wounds
From the wet graves of chthonic slumber
We have returned

No man has ever risen
If fettered by restraint

Raise the flag for the final battle
Under the banner of eligos
We march into the night

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