Wave.X : New single "Closer"

Lundi 08 Novembre 2021 - 20:26:51 par wavex

Melodic metal band Wave.X releases new single "Closer".

Wave.X band was created in the year 2020 by Vitalii Karnaukh (guitar) and Hanna Demchenko (vocal) in Kiev ,Ukraine. Soon Taras Zemskyi joined the band and took bass guitar in his hands. Drummer Dmitriy Krainskyi joined the band later in the year 2021. The band delivers to listeners a metal sound that combines distorted guitar riffs, melodic solos and clean female vocal. So far the band has 9 songs ready, and three of them are already been released.

New song delivers listeners to the story of poison relationships where both sides suffer and ruins their lives.




Source : https://musicbrainz.org/release/0e683dcf-0a77-4221-9d7e-24ad84a0b738


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