Obese : Release New Album; Cover Artwork and Single Revealed

Jeudi 10 Novembre 2016 - 20:55:29 par Hellsheimer

Dutch Stoner Sludgers OBESE reveal cover artwork and new single of their forthcoming new album “ANAMNESIS”, a massive and heavy come-back after the highly acclaimed debut “Kali Yuga”.

The song HUMAN ABSTRACT is available :

The band says: “We’re proud to present "Human Abstract". A little teaser of what is yet to come. An appetizer for the main course. We are preparing ourselves for a brand new adventure (together with our brothers and sisters from the Argonauta family). For now: enjoy the sweet sounds from the obscure Hogshed Studios in Utrecht!”

OBESE “Anamnesis” will be released in CD/DD by ARGONAUTA Records and available from March 24th, 2017.



Source : http://www.neeceeagency.com/


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