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Le nouvel album solo de Bruce Dickinson portera le nom de Tyranny Of Souls et sortira le 23 mai prochain.


MetalAngel - 23 Mars 2005 à 18:31:16
Je croyais qu'il sortait le 27 mai????
MetalAngel - 26 Mars 2005 à 19:45:58
Voici des nouveautés sur le nouvel album de Bruce Dickinson :

After a lot of speculations at Maidenfans that proved right, the artwork for the forthcoming Bruce Dickinson 'Tyranny of Souls' album can now be revealed:

The picture comes from a painting of Hell by Hans Memling, a Flemish artist from the 15th century:

In related news, Edel, the Finland distribution company indicates an early release date: May 18. Sanctuary announced a May 24 international release and a May 25 date for the North America.
Here is Edel's information about 'Tyranny of Souls':

Release date (Finland): May 18, 2005
Record company: Mayan Records/Sanctuary Records
Product code: MYNCD035

1 Mars Within (Intro)
2 Abduction
3 Soul Intruders
4 Kill Devil Hill
5 Navigate The Seas Of The Sun
6 River Of No Return
7 Power Of The Sun
8 Devil On A Hog
9 Believil
10 A Tyranny Of Souls

You can read more about Bruce's album here, here and here


Et voici la pochette :

Ainsi que l'original qui l'a inspirée :

MetalAngel - 26 Mars 2005 à 20:09:54
Encore une nouvelle, avec une interview de Bruce Dickinson :

The long-awaited Bruce Dickinson solo studio album is finally confirmed.

It will be named 'Tyranny of Souls' and will be released on May 23, 2005. The european release date is confirmed by the Spanish distribution company. It remains unknown if the rest of the world will get a simultaneous release.

Here's what the latest edition of UK Classic Rock as to say about this:

Bruce Dickinson's sixth studio album has now been mixed. A Tyranny of Souls is the singer's first solo work since The Chemical Wedding in 1998 and his subsequent return to Iron Maiden. Overseen by Tribe of Gypsies guitarist Roy Z, who came to Dickinson having finshed Priest's Angel of Retribution, it sees Bruce picking up where he left off seven years ago.

"With this album, Maiden were completely off my radar scope," he told Classic Rock at an exclusive preview of the album, due on May 23. "I was worried that I couldn't follow ...Wedding, which was a real statement of identity for me. It needed to be very heavy, which it is, but also to throw a few different elements into the mix."

Typically for Dickinson, the album was born in unusual circumstances. Having been supplied with a set of Roy Z riffs, the singer wrote the lyrics in various hotel rooms while touring with Maiden. The music and vocals were recorded at Roy's house -in a room containing just one bed. Bruce explains: "I'd ripped some muscles falling off stage and was in absolute agony. I had to lie down every few minutes."

Roy Z plays all the guitars, and an associate -secretively called Maestro Mysterioso- contributed the keyboard parts by email.

While Chemical Wedding was largely inspired by the occult science of alchemy, a loose theme of aviation and sci-fi binds together 'Kill Devil Hill', 'Abduction' and a number of others.

With summer commitments to Iron Maiden, it's unknown when Dickinson will find the time to play any solo dates. He says: "A few years ago, I did some summer festival gigs. That might be another window of opportunity."

Read also what Roy Z, the producer, has to say about the new Bruce album here.

The May 23 release date has been confirmed by Sanctuary.

Many many thanks to IRON EDDIE 666 for the scan and to Henrik J for the Sanctuary contact

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