Nihil Invocation : Nouvel album

Mardi 07 Mai 2019 - 18:51:39 par Antonin_Martin

Nihil Invocation nous présente son second full-length intitulé "Strange Ones Voicing Sorrow in My Dreams". Parution le 4 Mai 2019. 

Tracklist : 

1.  Lights Have Faded Onward

2. Blood Still Drips from My Sorrowful Portrait

3. Only a Thought of My Own Death Remains

4. Dancing Ablaze in Storms of Endless Fury

5. From Fog Below a Setting Sun...

6. Strange Ones Voice Their Sorrow in My Dreams

7. Joy Is the Passing of Our Moments

8. Into the Abyss I Walk

9. The Agony That Rots Beyond

10. Hateful Force of Unseen Landscapes

11. Under the Carpathian Yoke (Vlad Tepes Cover)


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