Eisregen : Break the Silence

Dimanche 05 Avril 2015 - 09:29:17 par Hellsheimer

It's been a bit quiet around Eisregen - but don't worry, they're still alive and kicking!
M. Roth stated that the band and keyboarder Dr. Franzenstein, a.k.a. Franziska B., parted ways in early 2015. The spot will stay vacant and they plan to use samples live.
You are probably aware of the Fact that EISREGEN's 11th studio album is called "Marschmusik". Eisregen are currently in the late stages of the pre-production and expect to enter the Klangschmiede E in May to record the album with producer Markus Stock.
M. Roth already revealed a few possible song titles: "Gott Der Panzer", "Leichensack", "Foltergeist", "Adlerhorst", "Panzerschokolade", "Mein Leben Auf Deiner Haut", "Blutkreis" as well as "Fleischbrand".
Yantit also stated that the album's musical direction, which he called "backwards", will surely surprise a lot of people as well as the appearance of an old partner in crime on keyboards.
Furthermore, Eisregen plan to release a mini CD called "Brummbär" (that's how people referred to the Sturmpanzer IV) prior to the album's release.
EISREGEN's new album "Marschmusik" is expected to be released in summer 2015 via Massacre Records!

Source : http://www.massacre-records.com/


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