1349 : Nouvel ep.

Mercredi 23 Janvier 2019 - 14:29:57 par Maggoth

1349 lâchera un ep 2 titres intitulé "Dødskamp" le 5 avril prochain via Season Of Mist.


1. Dødskamp

2. Atomic Chapel (Live)




Source : https://1349som.bandcamp.com/album/d-dskamp


Daheraetik - 23 Janvier 2019 à 15:08:24

Putain j'ai hâte ! 

Et j'espère que ce sera d'une meilleure trempe que Mcoc. Bon album, mais à des années lumières de Hellfire. 


Edit : j'avais pas vu la vidéo ha ha. 

Edit 2 : chopé sur youtube, je n'ai pas cherché si c'est exact mais c'est intéressant ! 


"The song has been commissioned by Innovation Norway, Visit Norway and Munch Museum, who asked four Norwegian artists within four different genres of music to interpret their angle on a freely selected work by the famous painter Edvard Munch. Regarding the single, 1349 guitarist Archaon comments: "Munch is arguably the biggest Norwegian artist throughout history, together with Edvard Grieg, I suppose. His works are tremendously dark and eerie, reflecting a lot of anxiety, pain and loneliness, in the way I perceive them. So, it suited us perfectly. I chose the work "Dødskamp" which directly translates "Death Struggle" and speaks volumes for itself. It was an emotionally Heavy task, and also a completely new way to compose. As well as some very long nights, bereaved of sleep. In the end though, it was worth it. This is the soundtrack to the dilemmas of mortality.""

xul64 - 15 Mars 2019 à 18:37:11


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