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So Cry Havoc...

Demo, 2006, Auto-Production

Warbreed : So Cry Havoc...


1. Sippenhaft
2. Aliy Sneg (Blood-Red Snow)
3. The Spandau Enigma
4. The Hour of the Wolf (Berserkr Version)
5. Hostis Ante Portas

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...And Release the Dogs of War

Single, 02 Avril 2008, Auto-Production

Warbreed : ...And Release the Dogs of War


1. Sippenhaft (Album Version) 4.02
2. Rotterdam In Flames (Single Version) 4.09
Total playing time 8.51

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History Undone

Album, 21 Avril 2008, Auto-Production

Warbreed : History Undone


1. The Hidden Legacy
2. Nightfall Over Auschwitz
3. Sippenhaft
4. Aliy Sneg
5. Silence and the Beast
6. The Forging [of Glory and Decay - Part I]
7. The Hour Of The Wolf [of Glory and Decay - Part II]
8. Farewell Germania [of Glory and Decay - Part III]
9. The Spandau Enigma
10. A Little Lesson Of History
11. The Homecoming
12. Another Unknown Soldier
13. Rotterdam In Flames
14. Bound For Ultima Thule
15. Rendition of The Truth

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The Fault Is Not in Our Stars...

EP, 2010, Auto-Production

Warbreed : The Fault Is Not in Our Stars...


1. The Rhetoric of Greed 04:01
2. The Tower of Babel Is Not That Far 04:35
3. Son of Dystopia 04:59
Total playing time 13:36

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