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Requiem for Gabriel

Album, 2006, Deadknife Records

Nihil (SRB) : Requiem for Gabriel


1. Chant
2. Hand of Damnation
3. Requiem Aeternam Dona Eis
4. Requiem for Gabriel
5. Of Hatred That Led my Hand
6. Descension, at Last
7. Cruising Around in Circles, As Cursed by Singularity

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Album, 2007, Deadknife Records

Nihil (SRB) : X-X-XXVIII


1. A Happy Beginning to What May End In Tears (Intro With Reverse)
2. Marian (Sisters Of Mercy Cover)
3. 1996
5. Daughters of the Night Sky (Part 1)
6. Daughters of the Night Sky (Part 2)
7. Daughters of the Night Sky (Part 3)

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The Fallen Angel

Nihil (SRB) : The Fallen Angel


1. The Fallen Angel (Electro Mellow)
2. Candles and Spells
3. Awaiting
4. Proceeding to the Altar

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The Canvas of Anamnezis

Album, 2008, Nothing Records

Nihil (SRB) : The Canvas of Anamnezis


1. Bieszczadzkie Klimaty 1
2. Candles and Spells
3. The Fallen Angel (Electro Mellow)
4. Abolishing Empathy (Radio Edit)
5. Bieszczadzkie Klimaty 2: Cement
6. Icon of Sin
7. Solitude : The Closure
8. Fugue in C Minor BWV 871 (J.S.Bach Cover)
9. Jesien (The Golden Rust of October)
10. Fugue in D Minor BWV 875 (J.S.Bach Cover)
11. Awaiting
12. Mad World
13. Ghosts of Winter (Extended)
14. Farewell to Past (J.S.Bach Little Fugue in G minor)
15. Proceeding to the Altar

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Neon Blau, Feuer Rot

Album, 2009, Deadknife Records

Nihil (SRB) : Neon Blau, Feuer Rot


1. Delumination
2. Neon Blau, Feuer Rot
3. Teufelsweib
4. Bergpredigt

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