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Eyes Forever Red

EP, Avril 2000, Howling Bull Records

Kalibas : Eyes Forever Red


1. Masticate
2. Semantic Insanity
3. All of Japa
4. Out the Foul

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Product of Hard Living

Album, 2002, Willowtip Records

Kalibas : Product of Hard Living


1. Smells Like Menopause
2. From the Waste Down
3. All of Japa
4. Floating in Concrete
5. Last Minute Error
6. Rundown
7. Take the Plunge
8. She Wipes from the Back to the Front
9. Fishing with Dynamite
10. Semantic Insanity
11. Reroute the Foul
12. -

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Kalibas - Rune

Split, Janvier 2003, Relapse Records

Kalibas : Kalibas - Rune


1. Cyanideology
2. Track Marks on a Beer Rag
3. Get Ugly
4. From Rags to Ruin
5. Birds with Broken Wings
6. Song of the Sirens
7. Weep for Nothing
8. For the Weary and the Sullen

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Enthusiastic Corruption of the Common Good

EP, Septembre 2003, Willowtip Records

Kalibas : Enthusiastic Corruption of the Common Good


1. Isolate the Paranoia
2. From Ivory Towers Above the Control Grid
3. No Food or Water Without It
4. Murder of High Ranking Extropians
5. Trilateral Preternatural Domination Through World Bank Control

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Well-Armed Rochesterians

Demo, Mars 2007, Self-Produced

Kalibas : Well-Armed Rochesterians


1. Sworn to No Order 03:33
2. Neosapien Eclipse 04:36
Total playing time 08:09

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