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Invasion of the Purple Elephants

Album, 08 Avril 2003pas de label connu

Elephant : Invasion of the Purple Elephants


1. The Black Well
2. Carcharadon Megaladon
3. As Darkness Hits
4. The Faust Complex
5. Transfiguration
6. The Blessing of the Bat'leth
7. Dark Blood Apple
8. Shrouded Sleep
9. Invasion of the Purple Elephants

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Obsidian Hell

Album, 23 Mars 2004pas de label connu

Elephant : Obsidian Hell


 Storm of Wrath
 Wanderer of the Skies
 The Raging Ocean
 Arise Serpentor Arise
 Electric Messiah
 The Neverending Dreams
 Eyes of the Beast
 Obsidian Hell

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Sands of Mortality

Album, 08 Mars 2005pas de label connu

Elephant : Sands of Mortality


1. Istar Bleeds
2. Doomed in Cathedral Crypts
3. The Conjuror's Harp
4. The Demon Incarnate
5. Shadows of the Conquering Dominion
6. The Sleepwalker
7. Once Alive, Dying
8. Dark Halls of Wisdom
9. Sands of Mortality

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Tears of the Tortured Trees

Album, 21 Fevrier 2006pas de label connu

Elephant : Tears of the Tortured Trees


1. Moonslayer
2. The Dragonthrone Wars
3. Dungeons of Soaring Oblivion
4. The Matrix Spells of Countess Gilmau
5. The Predator
6. Pyramids of the Everliving
7. Ghost of Space
8. Haunted by Scorn
9. Tears of the Tortured Trees

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The Ivory Heavenscape

Album, 15 Fevrier 2007pas de label connu

Elephant : The Ivory Heavenscape


1. Conjunction of the Suns
2. Age of the Visionaries
3. The Sawing Psychosis
4. Toward the Silver Seas of Tormenthastrum
5. Blazing the Wild Stars
6. Pinnacle of the Vanished Dawn
7. Legends and Innocence
8. Ruins of the Eternian Castle
9. The Ivory Heavenscape

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The Extinction Paradox

Album, 17 Janvier 2008, Auto-Production

Elephant : The Extinction Paradox


1. The Arch of Entropy's Fire
2. Sparks of Humanity
3. The Mythmaker
4. The Hypnotist of Hypercube Transcendence
5. Sunken Shores of Fatal Symmetry
6. A Wizard's Destiny
7. Quest of the Timelord
8. The Philosophy of Suicide
9. The Extinction Paradox

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The Defining Choice

Album, 01 Janvier 2009, Auto-Production

Elephant : The Defining Choice


1. The Voice of Anguish
2. Face of Infinite Light
3. Serpent of Angelic Evil
4. Ascending the Hallowed Eclipse
5. Breeding the Ravers
6. Another Imminent Demise
7. A Force of Grief and Fury
8. Fortress in Majestic Trance (Instrumental)
9. The Defining Choice

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