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Messageboard Punx On a Rope

Album, 2006, SOA Records

Death Before Work : Messageboard Punx On a Rope


1. Intro
2. I Listen to the Smiths But I Also Listen to Deicide, So What?
3. Last Night I Dreamt About Jeff & Athena Adopting Me
4. Behind Black Shadows
5. Toilet Newspapers
6. Troublemaker
7. I'd Like to Eat Biological Stuff Too, But My Wage is Not Enough
8. I Wanna Chew Big Babol
9. Bologna Has a Good Scene, Too Bad I Live In Milano
10. I Live Too Close to My Workplace, I Cannot Listen to All My Tapes
11. Instead of Getting Facial Surgery & Presenting to the Ballots, take a Plane & Go Fuck Yourself
12. Save the Circle Pit!
13. DxBxWx!
14. The Not-So-Positive Song
15. Outro/Ready to Bike!
16. Thunder in My Hands

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Death Before Work! + Comrades

Split, 2007, Stress to Death

Death Before Work : Death Before Work! + Comrades


1. Intro/Bored Youth
2. My Saltafoss Over Your Bones
3. Thrashin' My Religion
4. Suicide is the Solution
5. My Back Hurts
6. I Can't Be Friends With You Because You Play In a Metalcore Band
7. Rather Be Dead
8. Born to Pose/Scenesterrier

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DBW! Rocks On Skatepark - live Summer 2007

Live, Mai 2007, Self-Produced

Death Before Work : DBW! Rocks On Skatepark - live Summer 2007


Live Recording from May 2007 @ the Lambrooklyn Open Air Skatepark (Milano)
1. Intro + My Back Hurts
2. My Saltafoss Over Your Bones
3. Toilet Newspaper
4. Italian Metalheads
5. I Can't Be Friend With You
6. Suicide Is The Solution
7. I Live Too Close...
8. Rebels Today...
9. Intro + Bored Youth
10. Thrashin' My Religion
11. Goregrind Suxxx
12. No Fun, No Lyrics
13. I Listen To The Smiths But I Also Listen To Deicide, So What?
14. Vegan Elite
15. Bologna Has A Good Scene, ...
16. Gerontocracy

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Bomb the Vatican

EP, 2008, SOA Records

Death Before Work : Bomb the Vatican


1. Intro / The D.B.W. Mosh
2. Warriors of Death
3. Bomb the Vatican
4. Hail to Finland
5. Tavi Is God
6. I Wanna Go to Brazil
7. You Don't Want Me to Play Power-Fuckin-Violence
8. Bologna (Special Edition Doner on Vocals)

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