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When the World Ends to be

Demo, 1994, Auto-Production

Cruentus (ITA) : When the World Ends to be


1. Under Hypnosis
2. Reborn from the Infernal Ashes
3. Genocide
4. Seeking the Truth
5. In an Endless Spiral
6. Harassing Melody
7. Fire Rain
8. When the World Ends to be
9. Intro/ Faded Horizon
10. Thr prophecy (outro)

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In Myself

Album, 1996, Flying Fox

Cruentus (ITA) : In Myself


1. Trip Into The Absolut Vacuum
2. Reborn From The Infernal Ashes!
3. Genocide
4. Seeking The Truth
5. Save Your Tears!
6. Under The Same Sky
7. Contitioned Mind
8. ...In An Endless Spiral
9. In Myself
10. Paths In Memory

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