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Biographie : Rotten Sound

Rotten Sound was founded on year 1993 and the current line-up includes four members with average 15 years of musician experience. The band is known from its catchy songs, tight playing, insane live shows and awesome drummer.
"Murderworks" is a raw but still well controlled cross-over from different extreme music styles like grind, death, black and crust. The result is an insane collection of well performed aggression with lots of variety to keep the listener hooked up until the end. "Murderworks" was created under the supervision of Mieszko Talarzcyk (Nasum), propably the only real grind-core producer around.

Earlier releases include "Still Psycho"-mini-CD, "Drain"-CD, "Under Pressure"-CD and many EP's from the early years.

Rotten Sound has performed over 100 live shows in 12 different European countries including a full European tour with Malevolent Creation on Feb '01.