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Biographie : Nicole

Nicole is a great example of the new generation metal bands in Finland that have made their way into the spotlight during the last couple of years. Since founded in -97 the band has published 8 releases including 2 albums and a DVD. The band has developed into a fierce metal machine and has enjoyed great success after the release of "Suljetut Ajatukset" -album in fall 2004. Nicole has its own label, own rules, so as a celebration of last summers success at festivals, Nicole will release yet another DVD on February 2006.

Nicole in short (from bands website)
Finnish metal band Nicole is one of the founders of the new wave of finnish heavymetal. Instead of following the trends of the day, Nicole has kept it's style of music the same since the beginning and continued to develope it heavier and heavier every year.

Nicole biography 2004 (translation from the website)
Nicole combines five average westcoast finns, who all have the same goal: play heavy metal and have some fun. The concept has been run independently, and it has been clear since the beginning, that this is how they will continue as long as the resources last. Own record-label keeps the controls tightly in own hands, and are not nessecary, when you are not satisfying anyone else except yourself. At the same time the developement happens organically, and own look is found without any commercial pressure

Now Nicole has seven years, seven releases, several hundred gigs behind them and quite the huge and active fanbase (from the reasons mentioned above).

Averagely the 24 years old members' trust in their own musical visions is heard Nicoles music. Bands fresh control works as a good example of that new generation of finnish heavy metal, that gets its influences somewhere else than teutonic powermetal. Killswitch Engage, Chimaira and Deftones are counted as those bands, that can be compared the most to Nicoles expression. But the most noticable difference to their influences, of cource, is that Nicole sings in Finnish. In the new album Nicole leaps past clear influences to the old school so much, that comparings to the Finnish band Diablo and Swedish death-bands are not completely pointless.

Suljetut Ajatukset (=closed thoughts) is Nicoles second album, and it updates the idea of how sturdy metal is born in Finland without record-labels involved. Nicole has done its persistant basework, and with their new album Nicole will kick some houses down and will be known by bigger audiences

Nicole biography 2003 (translation from the website)
In the time when alternative metal came (to Finland), in the fall of 1997, members of Nicole started making music seriously and took influences from bands bubbling in the foreign countries (USA, Sweden etc). Nicoles music started to form into its own heavy and melancholic metal mold and first three studio EP:s were recorded during the years 1998-2001. In that time band started gaining popularity being a hot live band, and was seen in the music media quite often.

In the fall of 2001 Nicole stopped playing around with big record-companies and started working on their debut album thru their own lalbe, BIOTECH RECORDS. Nine months later at the August of 2002, their first album saw daylight and it was named ironically Odotus (=the waiting). Album got huge respect in the music magazines and webportals.

In April 2003 Nicole published their newest single, Valve (=the wake). After releasing the single followed a tour with Sara, that followed festivalshows like Down by the laituri (Turku), Provinssirock (Seinäjoki), Nummirock (Kauhajoki) and Tammerfest (Tampere)

Videocamera was following the band for the last 1.5 years and last fall band spent time with musicvideoprojects. When they realized that they had loads of quality videomaterial, and there was no time making an album before new year, the band decided to make a DVD from the videomaterial. This was logical way to continue the middlefinger-in-the-air path with big record-labels.

New album is under way already. Band recored single for KAAOS (=chaos) in November. The single is found on the DVD, which was published in February.