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Biographie : Lex Talionis

Lex Talionis was founded in 1996 to compose the most powerful music with the fastest, craziest guitar parts ever heard. After the release of two demos well-received by the French underground describing their music as ...a resounding and impassable wall... one must absolutely discover (Metallian n°15), a lot of concerts across France, Spain and Italy and many changes in the line-up, the band has reached a stability as solid as steel.
Since 2000, the band has indeed been composed of the same four musicians.

They all live in the same area and are more motivated than anyone.

The musical concept has become more refined in order to reach the level of power aimed at since the very beginning. War is the lyrical and musical concept. Like in any war, technology is used in the band to serve power. Instrumental virtuosity and crazy melodies are also parts of Lex Talionis quest as far as power is concerned.

After the release of the last demo, the band received many propositions from labels and, in the end, chose Deadsun Records (Agressor, Belphegor, Master, ...) because of its large world-wide distribution. The first album was released in 2001 and was highly acclaimed by both the media and the public especially in Poland, Russia and Greece where Inhuman Violence obtained the best mark in the greatest magazines. Following such an infatuation, the band, more motivated than ever, gave many concerts across France and Europe and recorded its second album The Supreme Aggression at the beginning of 2002 (release scheduled for May, 2003). This absolutely crazy record is in line with the previous one despite its own individuality. It was even more acclaimed than the previous one. After gigs in Holland, Belgium, Germany, CZ, France, with Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Impaled Nazarene, Dismember, ..., Lex Talionis is now known in the international underground scene as a crazy extreme shredder. In 2005, with all that new experience and knowledge, it was time for Lex Talionis to re-create his own sound; so they recorded their new album. They now create their own style, more powerful than ever...