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Biographie : Kamelot

The American band Kamelot was formed in 1991 by guitarist Thom Youngblood and his school mate - the drummer Richard Warner. In 1995 they released their first album called "Eternity" after having signed a contract with the German label Noise Records in Spring 1994. They were welcomed by many as one of the most promising newcomers in the world of metal. Their second album "Dominion", released in 1996, received even more attention since it showed the variety of the band - mixing elements of classic European metal, classical music and progressive rock. They were now one of the leading melodic metal bands from USA. 1997 was a troublesome year for the band since drummer Richard Warner and vocalist Mark Vanderbilt couldn't tour with the band. After intensive searching they managed to find Casey Grillo and Roy Khan (born in Norway, former of Conception which had recently split up). The former members of the band had already written their third and most important record "Siége Perilous" which was now recorded and released in 1998. In late 1998 they also went on tour in Europe for the first time. When they returned to their hometown of Tampa, Florida, they started writing their next album "The Fourth Legacy" which was released this year (2000). This album was produced by Sascha Paeth who has also worked with other great bands like Angra and Rhapsody. This is one of the best bands of melodic metal in the world and sounds a little like Rhapsody but not as majestic and sound track-like.

Source : tartareandesire.com