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Dionysus was formed by Ronny Milianowicz after quiting Sinergy (Nuclear Blast) just after a tour in Japan with In Flames and Children of Bodom in the autum of -98. He called up Johnny Öhlin who was voted as one of the "top 10" guitarplayer in the world in Burrn magazine some years ago and Nobby alias Magnus Noberg both from the Swedish band Nation wich Ronny describes as "the most underestimated band ever from Sweden " and asked if they wanna join as full-time members. This band later got the name Dionysus after the "God Of Wine".
The band tried out singers the following year like Göran Edman (ex.Malmsteen) and Sonny Larsson (ex. Leviticus) and finally in the spring of 2000 they found the talent they´ve been searching for. His name is Olaf Hayer and is most known for his performance on Rhapsodys Luca Turilli (he still is the vocalist for that band) solo-record "Kings of the nordic twilight", and also still singing for Lord Byron (Their website in german!).

The musical idea was to mix the neoclassical guitar-work and the melodies from Nation with the more harder stuff as the dubblebass-work from Sinergy. Adding one of the greatest singers in power-metal today you have a band with enormus musical talent who will have all chances to take the world by storm. The band is now searching for a deal to record the album in the fall and a worldwide release of their dubutalbum in the beginning of 2001.

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