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Dense Vision Shrine is a project of Karsten Hamre (Penitent, Arcane Art, Defraktor, The Flux Komplex). The music of Dense Vision Shrine is a mixture of sound design and neoclassical dark ambient. Dense Vision Shrine is a multi-media unity, which is based upon the concept of the opposite principles that merges into Art. One could say that album recordings represent the controllable part while the live performances would represent the uncontrollable instincts, but with the borders between the two elements of expression not being too clear.

The music itself came to life during the first part of 2001. At that time it was just music I was working on, without any specific purpose of use. Then in October 2001 I was asked by Tove Fagerland, a Norwegian costume & clothing designer to mix music for a show she was to have in Stavanger on the 3rd of November. In the music mix I created I incorporated the tracks Snowsand & Underground Waters.

One could ask why this music wasn't incorporated into one of the already existing bands or projects, but as music are created without thinking of a specific genre or project to use it in, it just happened to be the case that the music differs from the existing ones and therefore Dense Vision Shrine were born.

Source : http://www.darkambient.ge/site/artists/308-dense-vision-shrine