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AEBA stands for the four archdemons Astaroth, Eurynome, Bael and Amducias. They are the horsemen of the Apocalypse and they bring death, pest, famine and war. (Revelation, Chap.6).
1992 Formation of the band with the name Eternal Suffer by Isegrim and Schattensturm.
1994 After several line-up changes Nidhögg joins as a fix member.
Renaming of the the band into AEBA.
1995 Exul is taken in the band.
Recording of "The Rising" demo tape.
1996 Daemonia completes the line-up.
1997 Recording of the second demo tape "Im Schattenreich....".
1998 Signing a deal about three albums with Last Episode which starts with the release of "Im Schattenreich...." on CD.
1999 Recording the album "Flammenmanifest".
2000 Breakup with Nidhögg.
2001 Recording of "Rebellion - Edens Asche" with drum computer.
With Infernal Desaster they find an alternative for Nidhögg.
2002 Daemonia leaves the band because of private motives.
Shortly after that Hellischer fills up the arised gap.
2003 "Promo 2003" - recording three songs for promotional use.
2004 Signing a deal about two albums with Twilight.
Recording of the album "Shemhamforash - Des Hasses Antlitz".
Hellischer breaks up with AEBA.