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Biographie : Abhorrence (BRA)

ABHORRENCE was formed by Rangel Aroyo (Guitars) and Fernando Arroyo (Drums) and started its attacks in 1997...after some line up and duties changes, as a three piece band Marcello Marzari (Bass/Vocal) nowdays seal the line up.

In these same year the band recorded the debut demo-tape \"Ascension\" which conquered good response, so later was pressed in CD version in 1998 by the infamous and extincted label WildRags from USA.
In the fallow year 1999, ABHORRENCE head to record a 2nd attack, the demo \"Triumph In Blasphemy\". Featuring a Death Metal in the real means, With triumph, ABHORRENCE was chosen by Relapse Records as one of the four most promissing underground Death Metal acts from Brazil then to be part of the \"Brazilian assault\" compilation in 2000.

Reaching good response around the scene along these years, ABHORRENCE so sign a deal with Evil Vengeance Records (label from Angelcorpse´s former guitar) from USA to record the 1st full lenght album. So the band strike with \"Evoking the abomination\" in 2001 breeding an unyielding speed Death Metal album. Under Evil Vengeance license for Europe, Listenable Records from France infest the album around the scene, bringing the stuff to conquer many good reviews in the main metal magazines, and the most Death Metal bangers to support the band battles.

After all, even with some good opportunities to tour, ABHORRENCE has been disabled to keep his march in line due some personal dificulties. Passed three fucking years just facing every shit in the way and playing some local gigs, just in March 2004, the band at last return to studio and record two new tracks such a promo for the 2nd outbreak. This time playing faster and dirty than ever, the promo is the sigil for the upcoming apocalyptic War Death to fallow.

Still under Listenable Records flag, ABHORRENCE is now creating new songs and plans to be in studio in the 2nd half year of 2005. For now, all those interested to check in the latest stuff, contact Listenable Records or Malignant Art (for Brazil).