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Biographie : 11 As In Adversaries

11 As In Adversaries is a Metal / Rock / Psyche project that aims to offer an alternative to a swamp of occasionnally limited artists.

Brought into existence in early 2010 by a vehement duo comprises of J. (Guitar/Bass/Vocals) and G. (Drums), the ADVERSARIES are messing around with the codes, mixing extreme metal and surprising indie tunes together in a massively demented debut album: 'The Full Intrepid Experience Of Light'

The meaning of our name lies within a numerological context where ‘ELEVEN’ stands for what is beyond ‘TEN’, numbers from 1 to 10 are representative of the law/order and cosmic completion. 11 is a manifestation of freedom and rebellion for its magick can bring one to defy the limitations imposed by the Demiurge. There are actually eleven letters in the word ‘adversaries’, so: 11 As In A D V E R S A R I E S.

Source : myspace.com