Lars Eric Si

Nom Lars Eric Si
Date de naissance inconnu
Pays Norvège
Ville inconnu

Winds (NOR)

Lars Eric Si is the voice of Winds. His powerful melodic vocals provide many layers of vocal harmonies in the music. Lars is also the band’s bass player and he is in charge of the arrangements for the string ensemble. His input in all aspects of the compositions and production is very valuable and plays an important role in the Winds sound. Lars has played in many different bands over the years including his first break through with Norwegian hard-rockers Jack In The Box. After this he went on to doing numerous records and live shows with many different bands including a brief period of time playing bass in Khold and singing for industrial metal band Sensa Anima, for which he also won a Norwegian Grammy Award for his vocal performance. Lars’ musical talents and perfect pitch were discovered at an early age. He started singing and playing keyboards when he was very young, and he then went on to guitar and most recently bass as his main instrument in addition to his vocals. His involvement and background in theatre scoring also comes to good use when writing the string arrangements for Winds.