Andy Winter

Nom Andy Winter
Date de naissance inconnu
Pays Norvège
Ville inconnu

Winds (NOR)

Andy Winter could be viewed as the founding member of Winds as he was always the main figure behind the band’s music from the beginning. He is also entirely responsible for writing the lyrics in the band and he invented the concept of what Winds is all about. Even though the band works more collectively on composition now than ever before, Andy still writes most of the basic ideas for the music in addition to his piano performance. While having kept his performances rather exclusive to Winds and his other band Age of Silence, where some of the other members in Winds also play, Andy has also performed as a guest on two releases by a band called Subterranean Masquerade. Since his involvement in all his bands and projects is very extensive with him being mainly responsible for the songwriting all those bands, one could say that quality rather than quantity has been Andy’s philosophy when it comes to his musical appearances. Coming from a family piano players Andy took piano lessons during his childhood, but because he wasn’t happy with the methods in which he was being taught, he took a break from music for a while until he went back to it exploring different instruments on his own. In the later years he has gone back to his roots focusing mainly on the piano once again, which due to his distinct style comes through as a very important part in making the sound of Winds’ music something very unique.