Witness the Shitness - A Decade of Dickatry

Liste des groupes Death Brutal Amputated Witness the Shitness - A Decade of Dickatry
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Nom du groupe Amputated
Nom de l'album Witness the Shitness - A Decade of Dickatry
Type Video
Date de parution 2012
Style MusicalDeath Brutal
Membres possèdant cet album0


1. Semtex Enema
2. Defeminized
3. Cannibal Smorgasbord
4. Morbid Mutilation
5. Dead Hungry
6. Love Em & Cleave Em
7. Raped with a Jackhammer
8. Menstrual Cunt Fart
9. Lesbian Coprophagia
10. Gargling with Infected Semen
11. Amputated
12. M.D.S.P.T.
13. Coffin Full of Vomit
14. Icepick Tracheotomy
15. Regenarae the Carnifex
16. Wading Through Rancid Offal
17. Immersed in Pain
18. Uterus Swollen with Festering Putrescence
19. Dead Hungry
20. Projectile Beer Vomit
21. Slam Pig
22. Annaly Disemboweled
23. Repugnant Genital Deformity
24. Dripping Ovipositor
25. Cunt Like a Sewer

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