To the Pain

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Nom du groupe Nonpoint
Nom de l'album To the Pain
Type Album
Date de parution 08 Novembre 2005
Style MusicalNéo Metal
Membres possèdant cet album29


1. Bullet with a Name
2. There's Going to Be a War!
3. The Wreckoning
4. Alive and Kicking
5. Explain Yourself
6. Buscandome
7. To the Pain
8. Explain Myself?
9. Skin
10. Code Red
11. Wrong Before

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Chronique @ gelal

19 Janvier 2008
After Nonpoint in the united states already ranks among the starters, they would like to become this now also with its current output "To the Pain", which in America already 2005 appeared, with us. Those was created Band 1998 in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) and is already created that over 500.000 albums set off already could and a large fan basis. Not least by extensive routes by the USA, among other things with Linkin Park, Mudvayne and Disturbed. Even for the Miami Vice film was engaged you. Accordingly strained I was then on what expected me on available album. In order to take it directly in front, I one did not disappoint. The US Boys pleases on first attempt, and that, although I am not a straight fan of Nu Metal. Equal the Oppener "Bullet With A Name", whatever became the first single of the album, rock on efficiently loosely and shows you immediately where those young wants. The whole album is variedly held and works as from a casting. The guitars and the singing dominate the whole disk, can the other instruments however sufficient place be unfolded. The singing is very variable and comes nevertheless always aggressively enough more over the category to become fair. The volume steps efficiently in all who all this, does not forget it however not the listener also times briefly breather to leave. They serve no plates and do not shrink from themselves of not elements from other musical ranges to use, then one hears in the loosely "Explain Yourself" brass, that gives a completely special note to the Song. Also the play time of over 70 min is an absolute plus of the disk, and who at the end of the 14 Songs still applies little patience, and the part not directly from the Player throws, which still with a Hidden TRACK of 16 min recompenced. The Band has to wave off definitely things also with us and actually surprises it that it it not already rather over the pond into the "old person world" to have created. No(n)point get 8/10 POINT from me.

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kicke - 06 Janvier 2018:


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