The Most Toxic Substances for Humans

Liste des groupes Grind Death Disfigured Human Mind The Most Toxic Substances for Humans
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Nom du groupe Disfigured Human Mind
Nom de l'album The Most Toxic Substances for Humans
Type Split
Date de parution 15 Fevrier 2017
Style MusicalGrind Death
Membres possèdant cet album1


Toxic Substance A
1. Intro - Human Disaster
2. Struck with Terror
3. Grindchaos from Hell
4. Insane Killer Mind
5. Sulphuric Acid Injected on your Blood
6. No Human Factor
7. We Are Hate and Pain for your Mind
8. Pleasure Feelings of Torture and Pain
9. Adicted Minds and Deformed Brains
10. Human Decay
11. Stupidity of Human Race
12. Morbid Torments
13. Violent Madness Disease
14. Humans are Creatures of Terror
15. Violent Symdromes of Violence
16. Outro - Subconcious Voices in my Putrid Mind
Toxic Substance B
17. Moral Turpitude
18. Counterfeit
19. There Is No More
20. Live in Nasty Conditions
21. Facile Tears
22. An Insignificant Person
23. Method of Administrative Reform
24. Criminal Fraud
25. Deceitful Pretenses
26. Carried Out

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