The Appalachian Twelve Gauge Massacre

Liste des groupes Crossover Brody's Militia The Appalachian Twelve Gauge Massacre
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Nom du groupe Brody's Militia
Nom de l'album The Appalachian Twelve Gauge Massacre
Type Album
Date de parution Juillet 2005
Style MusicalCrossover
Membres possèdant cet album1


1. Fucked from the Get-Go
2. Latte Culture
3. Mundane Existence
4. Full Throttle Catastrophe
5. Still Don't Give a Fuck
6. Unmarked Grave
7. Demonized
8. Sheep in Wolves Clothing
9. This Round's on Me
10. Hurrah for Humanity
11. Open Sewer
12. Bourbon Assault
13. Geek Behind the Curtain
14. Daisy Cutter
15. A Moment of Silence
16. Daily Life of the Living Dead
17. Another Fucking Liar
18. Walking on Eggshells
19. Choke on It
20. Benevolent Butcher
21. Skull Collector
22. Mossberg Boogie
23. The Appalachian Twelve Gauge Massacre
24. Thin Skin & Virgin Ears
25. Sham Campaign
26. White Flight in the Hour of Chaos
27. Invader Number One Must Die (Cocknoose Cover)

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