Suffer in Hell

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Nom du groupe Mordhell
Nom de l'album Suffer in Hell
Type Album
Date de parution 20 Juin 2011
Labels Pagan Records
Style MusicalBlack Metal
Membres possèdant cet album4


1. Smell of Burning Skin
2. Alcoholic Titfuckblast
3. Torment Till Death
4. You Are My Fucking Pornostar!!!!
5. I Shit on Your God
6. Graveyard Fuck
7. Princess-Faeces
8. Shut Up Cunt
9. Shit Blood and Metal Black
10. Destroy Yourself
11. Suffer in Hell
12. Dechristianize
13. Possessed by Alcohol

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Chronique @ heavymetaltribune

05 Juillet 2011

35 minutes of fun, quality punk and rock 'n' roll infused black metal

After 3 years of silence, Mordhell finally returns this year with another full length album, the follow up to 2008's Grim, Old and Evil. Coming out of the Polish scene where bands such as Infernal War and Thunderbolt have gained much respect and garnered a substantial fanbase, there is naturally a certain expectation for Suffer in Hell.

However, any hopes of Mordhell sounding like the aforementioned bands are instantly gone once the album begins. Unlike the typical Polish black metal sound, what Mordhell has presented here is vastly different. With song titles such as Alcoholic Titfuckblast, You Are My Fucking Pornostar!!!, one is instantly reminded more of bands such as Japan's Abigail with lyrics that hail and advocate sex, alcohol and metal and indeed, this is not far from the truth at all as the music will go on to prove.

The opening track Smell of Burning Skin displays the style that Mordhell utilises in their take on black metal, with the punk-ish riffs that are reminiscent of the aforementioned Abigail and Norwegian black metal bands that have taken a turn towards a more punk direction such as Darkthrone's later releases. The riffs are straightforward, with those on songs such as Destroy Yourself reminding the listener of Satyricon's later works. Guitar solos are also few and in between and are usually more like guitar licks to fill up spaces on the songs instead of the typical extreme metal soloing style. Perhaps the only time one can expect a full solo would be on Dechristianize, a doom-paced track, yet the lead guitar is mixed so low on the track that one has to strain to try to listen to it. The drumming of Diabolizer while retaining a rock 'n' roll edge, is taken a step further through infusing extreme metal elements such as the furious double bass drumming on tracks such as Graveyard Fuck.

Vocalist Nekrophiliac retains the extreme metal edge of the music through his usage of growls, leaning more towards a death metal style, reminding listeners of vocalists such as Gravehill's Mike Abominator, spitting out the lyrics with much hate and spite. Songs such as Alcoholic Titfuckblast provide tongue-in-cheek moments, yet excellently executed to ensure that the musicianship is not compromised. Being a fan of such bands as Abigail, this certainly sits well with me. Shit on Your God further displays their jab towards religion, sure to piss religious fanatics off! Or if you want to get down and dirty, songs such as Princess-Faeces and Shit Blood and Metal Black will certainly entertain you.

Most of the songs on the album also barely hit the 3 minute mark, with those exceeding the 3 minute mark appearing only towards the end of the album. Top that up with the muddy-raw production quality that the band has chosen for the album, Suffer in Hell presents listeners with 35 minutes of fun, quality punk and rock 'n' roll infused black metal, and can perhaps even be used as a bridge for fans of other genres to the black metal genre proper.

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