Saturday Night Sever

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Nom du groupe Buried In Verona
Nom de l'album Saturday Night Sever
Type Album
Date de parution 04 Juin 2010
Produit par Fredrik Nordström
Style MusicalMetalcore
Membres possèdant cet album22


1. The End 04:25
2. Temptress 03:46
3. Saturday Night Sever 04:02
4. Professor Plum in the Ballroom with the Candlestick 03:02
5. Hangin’ Hoes by Their Toes 03:31
6. Go Go Gadget Suicide 03:36
7. Rohypnol Suicide 04:07
8. Bell Ringer 03:25
9. You Left Me with No Goodbye 03:54
10. Cut Wrists and Sinking Ships 03:35
11. The Beginning 03:24
Total playing time 40:47

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Buried In Verona

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Chronique @ miniradman

09 Avril 2011

One of the deepest metalcore albums you will ever hear

Saturday Night Sever is Buried In Verona’s second studio album. Released in June 2010 and this definitely has the traits of an Australian Metalcore band. For some reason it seems that Australia in seems to have a higher amount of quality metalcore bands compared to low quality bands. The ratio seems to be in favour of the better side. Honestly, I think this is one of the best metalcore albums I have ever heard and I have heard a lot of things in my time. I think this album will be the thing that should launch Buried In Verona’s young career.

One of the main highlights of this album is sheer quality of their song writing. It is excellent, and what makes it even more amazing is that these guys are a relatively young band as well. The music is evenly distributed and well rounded, the musical structure is definitely top notch and the contents of the music are also great. The result, one of the best metalcore albums to ever come out from Australia. These guys are the real deal when it comes to the “core” genres and should not ever be over looked. This album contains some great riffs, breakdowns, vocals and emotion. Yep it has everything you want in an album and more. It’s a bit hard to describe who they sound like because not many bands sound like Buried In Verona. If there was a metalcore version of Asking Alexandria you would get something close to Buried In Verona, in terms of style and emotion. Everything else sounds fairly original and if it wasn’t, they made it sound even better than the original.

Emotion plays a big part in this album and on here the emotion is usually associated with shouts of despair and agony. This really emphasises what kind of message these guys are trying to get across. Also the music does an excellent job of setting the mood for these “emotional” parts of songs. They have more of a progressive and ambient feel to them and are slow. Also during these parts them instruments and vocals seem to work together in harmony rather than one of them overpowering the other. They have really created a masterpiece here when it comes to emotion.

Don’t be fooled though, not everything on here is all sad and emotional, these are times where the music can get pretty hectic. When I mean hectic, the music doesn’t just suddenly turn into deathcore or brutal death. They style they play at the speed kind of matches the pace of the likes of August Burns Red and Parkway Drive so not exactly 100% brutality but more than enough to get the blood pumping and the heart racing. The contrasts between the emotional sides and the other bits are so subtle, but it’s this subtlety that creates the hugest impact. Mainly because the music doesn’t feel like it is starting and stopping every damn second. The music flows like an uninterrupted river.

In terms of genres, it is very hard to tell where this band belongs because they seem to have gained their inspiration from all three of the main “core” genres which are deathcore/metalcore/hardcore (mainly post-hardcore). They have brought the best from all those worlds and wrapped them up in an almost perfect little package; the structure of metalcore, the attitude of post-hardcore and the intensity of deathcore. So obviously this album is not even close to being classified as boring, it is the complete opposite. Amazingly they have maintained the standard of music throughout the album not just one or two tracks. Also another thing is that many other bands music feel shallow and they don’t really have an effect on the listener. I can tell you that the music on here is not only skin deep and there is a real sense of depth within the music and therefore it feels a lot more complete. Furthermore, they don’t give off that vibe that says that they want to get a release out just for the sake of getting one out. They really have taken some care in constructing this album, everything from the actual music to the album cover.

The music not only feels like its meaningful it is also sounds filling. They have carried the sound very well through practically all of their songs and there is none of this hollow sound people dread in their music. The music itself is tight and is practically in perfect timing. They haven’t played it safe either, although their music isn’t overly complex or technical in any perspective, they haven’t made it seem dead boring either which is a major plus. They really have shown how good their skill and teamwork is with this release. It’s a bit hard to believe that a band like this can sound so professional and even mainstream. They have set the bar extremely high for the next wave of metalcore bands.

There is a slight problem with this album and it’s that this album is very repetitive. All the tracks sound very similar to each other with the same; musical style, vocals and even tempo. But I have to say there are two tracks on this album that seem like they are endlessly replayable. Everything about both of these tracks have a major wow factor, as in “wow these guys know what they are doing”. One of these two tracks is also the opening track of the album. The End (yes I know the opening track title is a little contradictory) is an amazing track, it has everything you want and like about this band into one song. The emotion, the speed and the variety of sounds are all in here.

The end of The End seems to be the most emotional part of the album. Just the way the lead singer screams “I’m sorry for the tears” can get it stuck in your heard for a long time. The next track to mention is the track Hangin’ Hoes By Their Toes, now this track shows off how in your face these guys can be. The lyrical themes in this track are a little matured but the music itself doesn’t make it seem that way. When the music stops for a split second and the lead singer screams “ Your face looks better bleeding” and then they burst into an awesome breakdown is probably one of my favourite moments in metalcore. These two tracks have some of the best melodies I have ever heard from the genre. They are extremely well written and seem to be endlessly replayable. Also don’t be fooled by their intros, they are the only two elements of electronic music you will hear throughout the course of the tracks.

Overall Buried in Verona’s Saturday Night Sever is one of the best metalcore albums that have ever come out of Australia and I predict that this album will be a classic for years to come. With two outstanding tracks on there that are so good that they seem to make up for the lack of variety in the album itself. This album has great melodies, both clean and distorted vocals, awesome breakdowns and each member seems to have excellent skill for each of their instruments. The music itself is well rounded and very tight. Also over the course of the album I couldn’t really pick up any parts where there were any off beats or when the vocalist’s voiced died a little. I extremely recommend this album because anyone who likes any of the “core” genres would be silly to miss this as it is one of the best metalcore albums out there today. I also recommend the two tracks; The End and Hangin’ Hoes By Their Toes because the bottom line is that they are some the best metalcore tracks out there. Those two tracks are almost guaranteed to satisfy any “core” fan. Overall this album is one of the best I’ve have ever heard and collectively all of the tracks have their own little charm to them. So this album receives an extremely well deserved 19/20.

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ryan5 - 09 Avril 2011: Yo dude, i didnt read all your review, but bits of it. Yes they have emotion & what not, but to me i would say this band is better than Parkway Drive. Debatable, i know. But i like their music more than PWD. They have a different element to their music, and PWD doesn't have that for me.
ryan5 - 09 Avril 2011: BTW, i'd say a band like. . . Dr.Acula sound more like Buried in verina than AA.
Krokodebil - 09 Avril 2011: Nice review but I'm not particularly fond of metalcore.
miniradman - 09 Avril 2011: @ryan5 - yeah I have to agree. PWD and IKTPQ are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Aussie metal.

Just something about them just reminded me of Asking Alexandria.

@Krokodebil - Don't worry dude I've other stuff planned ;)
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