Salvation Through Infinite Suffering

Liste des groupes Death Metal Infernal Dominion Salvation Through Infinite Suffering
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Nom du groupe Infernal Dominion
Nom de l'album Salvation Through Infinite Suffering
Type Album
Date de parution 2000
Style MusicalDeath Metal
Membres possèdant cet album21


Re-Issue in 2009 by Burning Dogma Records with 6 bonustracks and by Terror Blast Production in cassette.
1. Rejoice in Ancient Wisdom 03:53
2. Purging Purity 04:47
3. Salvation Through Infinite Suffering 05:28
4. Embrace Thy Befallen Misery 07:13
5. Marching Through Waves of Holy Bloodtide 03:47
6. Gutted Children of Faith 04:34
7. Toward Infernal Dominion 04:03
8. So Far Gone 06:45
Bonustracks (Re-Issue)
9. All Holy Virtues Crushed
10. Celebration in Shredded Flesh
11. Marching Through Waves of Holy Bloodtide '04
12. Toward Infernal Dominion '04
13. By Darkness Blessed
14. Rejoice in Ancient Wisdom '99
Total playing time 40:30

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