Reflections of a Psychotic Past

Liste des groupes Death Thrash Radiation Sickness Reflections of a Psychotic Past
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Nom du groupe Radiation Sickness
Nom de l'album Reflections of a Psychotic Past
Type Album
Date de parution 22 Juin 2012
Labels Abyss Records
Style MusicalDeath Thrash
Membres possèdant cet album0


1. Reflections of a Psychotic Past
2. Demented Love Song 2
3. Tripping in the Seas of Madness
4. I Stand for Nothing
5. Graveside View
6. The Place Where People Die
7. Erif Ti Pu
8. The Other Me
9. Disfigured Retard
10. Ruthless
11. Man Made Production
12. No Future
13. Escape to Insanity
14. Malignant Existence
15. No Chance of Hope
16. For No Apparent Motive
17. Sealed Away
18. Demented Love Song
19. Bounds of Reality

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