Paeans of Apostasy

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Nom du groupe Annthennath
Nom de l'album Paeans of Apostasy
Type EP
Date de parution 24 Août 2008
Style MusicalBlack Metal
Membres possèdant cet album16


 Paean of Apostasy
 Terminate It
 The Only Escape
 Anti-Human Terror / Subliminal Terrorism

Durée totale : 33:20

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Chronique @ InfinityZero

12 Septembre 2010
I'm proud to say that I own a very limited EP of an obscure black metal band from France called Annthennath. I was on an underground record store online, and I came across Paeans of Apostasy, and, just by looking at the album cover, I became interested (that's happened a lot before). Before you know it, I had ordered the record, and once I got it I found that it's pretty damn good, especially considering the fact that this was released in 2008.

The album has a very classic tone and atmosphere to it, and the production reminds me a little of Burzum and Darkthrone. Everything is there: the bombastic drumming riffs, the tremolo picked riffs, with melodic bits here and there to help carry the music and piece it all together, and the shrieking vocals, all of the above done with flair and style. I guess you could call this one a depressive black metal album, but those melodic parts and the frequent riff changes make this particualr album stand out from being monotonous. So, in short, this is the first depressive black metal album I've found that I've liked.

Since this is only an EP, there are only 5 tracks on it, totalling to a little over 30 minutes of metal, but I think that it's the perfect length for the music that's on it. Of course, since it's an EP, the music is a little less varied than what you'd expect on a full length release, but there are songs that set themselves apart with different tempos and little interludes here and there.

My favorite song of this album is, hands down, Anti-Human Terror. A lot of good riffs on this song, (the one starting at 1:47 is friggin awesome) and a pretty good acoustic interlude, which makes this song pretty easy to set apart from the others, and gives you a good break from all of the heaviness, if only for a little while. There's also a nice solo at the end that always manages to send shivers down my spine. It's the longest song, but by far the easiest to get into.

The final song, Subliminal Terrorism, is quite different too; it's something you'd expect more from Sunn O))) than a drone band. It consists of 8 minutes of droning keyboard, holding really long sustain notes, in typical drone style. There's a quiet sort of suspense in the song, that seems to build up and keep a good atmosphere, and serves as a good contrast with the other four songs. Not really interesting musically, I think it's just supposed to be Annthennath's way of settling down after an aggressive black metal album.

So, all in all, Paeans of Apostasy is a pretty good black metal album, full of great riffs and some nice solo sections. The drumming, while fast, doesn't vary that much, which is the only real flaw with the album. I recommend any black metal fan to check this out, because I was pretty impressed with it. If you're thinking of getting this album, do it quick because only 500 copies of it exist and once they're gone, they're gone.

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