Old Wounds-New Scars

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Nom du groupe Dr Faust
Nom de l'album Old Wounds-New Scars
Type Album
Date de parution 2010
Labels pas de label connu
Style MusicalDeath Metal
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1. Silentium Est Aurum
2. Scorpio Rising Malicious
3. Dehumanisation
4. Escape from Infinity
5. Refresh Through Decompose
6. Lymphatic Intoxication
7. World Wants You
8. Total Resurrection
9. My Life Is my Workplace
10. Suffocate
11. We'll Be Dead
12. The Ballad of Poor Old Butcher
13. Pain 4 Ever
14. Pain Inside
15. Street Vision
16. Blow Up Your Mind
17. Revival of Primal Evil
18. End This Game
19. Perfect World
20. Vulture is Waiting
21. Men from the Box
22. Jagged Edge
23. Concentration
24. Towards the Sin
25. Broke and Weak
26. No Matter How
27. Kill-Kill, Murder-Murder
28. Down the Stream
29. Control, Erase, Reload, Deform
30. Graveyard Slasher
31. Dawn of Hatred
32. Suffer for Nothing
33. Rules of the Game
34. Gloomy World

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